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Talker Trash
Jeremy Golibersuch Posted at 04:22PM on October 19
I really hope I can pull off a win this week grr
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 09:06PM on October 18
Fun fact! Lions actually can’t process cheese themselves. They need the help of sporangia found in most flowers...however recent science has shown us that lions don’t really eat flowers. Therefore, we will probably find some lions this weekend that will try to devour some cheese, fail, and then scurry off into the Savannah with bubble guts and a case of the shits. Good luck Leslie!!
Leslie Gray Posted at 10:29AM on October 18
Alright, newbie Cheesehead. Your time has come. The Lions are going to devour the cheeseheads, and some wine, this weekend! Beware, a veteran smackdown awaits you.
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:54AM on October 17
Yeah, I can more firmly state that Damien Williams was way overrated in preseason rankings. Yikes.
Daniel Gray Posted at 09:36PM on October 17
I’m ok. I’m fine. I’ll just entertain myself trying to predict how long it will take for someone to pretend like they’re smarter then me just because they don’t have Mahomes on their team. Food for thought and all that. Hmmmm.
Justin Adams Posted at 09:29PM on October 17
Nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope nope. Nooooooope. Not okay. Nope.
Krystof Kage Posted at 05:24PM on October 16
TGTB&TU returns tomorrow - got two more games to analyze and time got away from me.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 09:12AM on October 15
I couldn’t agree more...
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:25PM on October 14
That was fucking bullshit. Fucking bullshit.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 07:53PM on October 14
Go Pack Go!
Leslie Gray Posted at 01:30PM on October 14
Yikes, obvs i will take the W but that wasnt pretty. GG Justin!
Justin Adams Posted at 07:06AM on October 14
My team’s a dumpster fire. I don’t know why I keep doing this to myself. GG, Leslie.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 11:46PM on October 13
Really? I put up that many points and coming away with a L! C’mon man. GG Guys.
Justin Adams Posted at 09:40PM on October 13
Well. This is all very hideous.
John Schultz Posted at 08:49PM on October 13
Daniel Gray Posted at 08:47PM on October 13
I'm not going to be active on this site for a bit. I'm still here, just not IN HERE, if that makes sense. If anyone needs to reach me, my email is in my team profile.
Mike Hall Posted at 07:59PM on October 13
Good game Rory...It was a game I thought we were done for with all of your guys exploding, but thankfully Matt Ryan and Julio Jones were the difference. Even though the Falcons outright suck, in fantasy they turned out to be the difference for us. With Mahomes rough outing today, I wonder if Matt Ryan has outscored Mahomes on the season in fantasy points now...Things that make you go hmmmmm....
Daniel Gray Posted at 07:53PM on October 13
I don't think I've made a good waiver wire decision this entire season. Any positive changes have come via trade. I hate football. :/
Krystof Kage Posted at 07:36PM on October 13
I found my nuts... Right here all along. Lol! Will be close though...
Matt Sewell Posted at 07:03PM on October 13
Man I hat that I can’t edit my poor typing with my thumbs...of course I mean...”every now and then a blind squirrel finds a nut”!
Matt Sewell Posted at 07:02PM on October 13
Oh Krystof...there is an old saying, “everyone and then a blond squirrel finds a nut”. It is not over yet but the Hackers are not performing well. With that said, I am confident that my boy Rivers will show why he will be a HOFer at the end of his career. Hill was a big return for you..and pretty sure that Golladay will show up well. I am not conceding yet...but the outcome does look bleak for us. Even if you do win, I think we can agree that the best team is the Hackes!!!
Krystof Kage Posted at 01:14PM on October 12
Matt, my career record against you is something to behold. We've played each other 14 times, and I've only been defeated by your little team-name changing once. Only one time have the SpamKings lost their footing to the Bitchslappers, Mafia, Moneymakers or Alcoholics - there is no way I'm going to drop a game to a team called Matt's Mafia. I mean, what kind of Mafia names themselves after a person? Get ready, peasant, the SpamKings rule and you are about to BEND THE KNEE!
Justin Adams Posted at 09:44PM on October 11
Don't worry, Daniel. Sammy's where he belongs now.
Daniel Gray Posted at 02:26PM on October 10
You've made a good point about Watkins, Krystof, but I didn't have a choice if I wanted Fuller. Tate was earmarked for the trade :)
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 01:44PM on October 9
Our draft location of the past two years is closing. Hope something similar gets in and operational prior to next year, that room was great.
Mike Hall Posted at 12:31PM on October 8
Hey, at least you get the first pick in the EWP. That is always a nice bonus...Nothing, but moving forward, right?
Leslie Gray Posted at 08:13AM on October 8
GG Corwin, this one hurts since I left some 40 points on the bench with DJ Chark. Good luck the rest of the way
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:31PM on October 7
GG, Brandike. I have hardly ever known the feeling of being the worst team in the league...but combined with the lowest score of the week? WHY DOES IT SMELL LIKE FAILURE!!??
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:55PM on October 7
Watching Odell trying to return a punt was like watching a game of Frogger being played by a five-year-old
Justin Adams Posted at 09:45AM on October 7
As long as we're writing a community TGTBTU, I left Josh Jacobs on my bench because I'm a big dumb pineapple-assed moron who dresses poorly.
Mike Hall Posted at 09:08AM on October 7
So did Aaron Jones and Will Fuller blow up on different teams' benches (53 and 63 points, respectively)? Let alone, did someone start Everett and his 25 points, or was that on a bench too? Definitely a hard pill to swallow if you lost and those players were on your bench...By the way, I'm baffled as to why the Falcons are this bad. Clearly coaching is an issue with all that talent and we are 1-4! One coach was just fired, I think Quinn should be next if the Falcons keep playing this horrible...
Justin Adams Posted at 11:42PM on October 6
Bit of a Pyrrhic victory since I would've preferred to see the Chiefs win tonight, but I'll take it. GG, Kierston.
Matt Sewell Posted at 11:39PM on October 6
GC Daniel!! KC is kind of feast of famine...when good it is sooo good. However, this week was epically awful for the chiefs. Which as a Broncos fan I love.
John Schultz Posted at 10:16PM on October 6
I'm coming to get you Stunt! Even with Jones on the bench...why I spent so much on him waiting for the matchups. GG and good luck
Daniel Gray Posted at 09:12PM on October 6
Aaaaand Watkins goes out with a hammy. Yep, I'm done.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 07:56PM on October 6
GG Jeremy
Krystof Kage Posted at 07:50PM on October 6
Daniel Gray Posted at 07:33PM on October 6
Amari Cooper single-handedly sinking any chance I had to win this week. GG Matt.
Leslie Gray Posted at 05:21PM on October 6
FIRE SALE!!!!!!!!! Taking offers for Mike Evans
Justin Adams Posted at 04:35PM on October 6
Of course the week I bench Jacobs, he goes off. And against the Bears, at that. Never again.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 04:17PM on October 6
Special Thanks to nobody in this league wanting to take Watson off my hands.
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:07PM on October 6
Or not. He got up quick.
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:03PM on October 6
Hooper Karma for Cooks...oop
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:14PM on October 6
Seriously! This is hilarious at this point. Especially at 1-3.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 01:58PM on October 6
Krystof's Concussion Kings...
Leslie Gray Posted at 12:13PM on October 6
Krystof Kage Posted at 09:49AM on October 4
LOL, Justin. Yeah...I actually enjoy those Sundays when I go there (and the food is so very on point but I sucked at bringing good stuff). I just have this thing about wanting to watch ALL the games that keeps me out of RedZone territory. But I do remember personality types of friends and how you two, when the game isn't going your way, you swear like a sailor and she gets silent. That's why I love you both :)
Daniel Gray Posted at 07:24AM on October 4
I swear to God, my defenses are going to single handedly keep me out of the playoffs this year.
Justin Adams Posted at 01:16AM on October 4
With all due respect, Double K, I don't remember the last time you were at a Sunday with the Schultzes (pity, really, as you've missed out on quite a lot of good food), so I'm not sure how you have any frame of reference whatsoever on any use or lack thereof of thunder blankets. Also, "thunder blankets" sounds like a euphemism for what happens to the localized atmosphere 30 minutes after a banquet of Polish sausage, boiled cabbage and navy beans.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 11:46PM on October 3
wah wahhhh ;)