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Talker Trash
Matt Sewell Posted at 09:18PM on August 22
@Krystof...I love the always wins argument. He kills you with truth. All I got to say now is mic drop;)
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 03:01PM on August 22
@Krystof compelling. Never saw this as an area that needed to be fixed. And I still disagree about the second rate players, they will still be second rate players and start as often as they were before, but I see your point about WR. Didn't know it was broken, but yeah, we fixed it.
Krystof Kage Posted at 01:52PM on August 22
@Randy - The new rule will allow people like Nyheim Hines, Jalen Richard and Dion Lewis to also get more numbers. Yes, it will increase the numbers for stud catching/running combos (McCaffrey, Barkley, Kamara and Zeke are the only starting workhorse backs with over 60 catches last season), but it will also build up those in that middle ground like White and Cohen to compete and actually be started every week reliably. But let me use an example without counting bonuses or TDs and only using scrimmage yards and catches as a measure:

In 2018, if JuJu Smith-Schuster (the 5th best WR) had started all 16 games in the PFFL, he would have had 198pts. With full PPR, that would be increased by 55pts - up to 253pts. Meanwhile, Alvin Kamara (the 5th best RB), in the same situation, would have seen 199pts, but would have only increased by 40pts under full PPR to 239pts. Take notice that, under PPR, JuJu goes from being 1pt below Kamara to 14pts better than Kamara.

But let's take extreme examples under the same set of measurements. Julio Jones (the best WR in 2018) would have gotten 224pts under half-PPR, but would have increased by 56pts to 280pts under full PPR. Saquon Barkley (the best RB from 2018) would have had 247pts last year, but it increases by 45pts in full PPR to 292pts. The two best in their positions went from being 23pts apart to only 12pts apart.

I believe this shows that the impact of full PPR will decrease the RB/WR gap and may completely close it. And it will also have a positive benefit to TEs, as Kittle would have scored 182pts last year - but under full PPR, jumps to 226pts, making him as good as an RB7 or WR9. So boom.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 11:23AM on August 22
@Matt and Krystof, This will not help the balance between RB and WR/TE as both will receive points. What this does do is decrease the value of workhorse backs but significantly increases the value of players like Kamara, Gordon and Gurly. Who didn't need a bump in their value. You mention players like James White and Tarik Cohen, both were started last year in the system we had. You may increase their value, but you increase Kamara and McCaffrey as well. RBs that can catch and run the ball have been the most valuable players in our league since Marshal Faulk, always been that way, always will and this rule doesn't change that at all, it only enhances that. The QB who will never catch a ball is the only one that doesn't benefit at all from this.
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:02AM on August 22
@Matt, thanks man, I appreciate your concern to make it as smooth as possible. Almost time boys and girls!
Daniel Gray Posted at 10:34AM on August 22
Hey guys :) Krystof reached out to me and I talked to Leslie (she's out of town on a business trip atm). I completely understand the concern, and we will talk about an alternate solution once she's back in town this weekend.
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:44AM on August 22
I also tend to agree that Leslie needs a solution that doesn't involve Daniel drafting two teams. I will communicate with them and see if they can get a proxy. If not, is there someone in The Deuce or Brandon who can start her off until she gets there?
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:43AM on August 22
@Randy, honestly, it will probably increase the average WR score per week about 3pts. The average TE will also see about a 2pt bump. Plus, the more important thing, pass-catching RBs will have more value - which is needed when you consider the league only has about 12 workhorse RBs right now that play three downs. Tarik Cohen now has pop and can be started no matter who is the starting RB.
Matt Sewell Posted at 06:46PM on August 21
@Randy, as you said too late. But since you shared your flawed POV. The net impact is only .5 point from last year. As such it puts more balance towards WR/TE being more valuable. Which I for one think is good. Because RB always seem to make or break a season. Not that I think that will substantially change. Just that I think it does a better job of creating more balance. Just the champs thoughts FWIW. Yeah that is right bitches...the champ has spoken!! Or should I say typed
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 05:19PM on August 21
Full PPR isn't such a great thing, it's sort of like giving every kid a trophy. Why should a player bonus for making one catch? They are football players right? Even a kicker should be able to catch one ball! Reward for every catch, there is no glory in that plus it further elevates our weekly average scores. 2 cents, too late, but that is how I feel about full PPR, totally lame. I don't think we ever had one person draft two teams. We had the auctioneer draft his own team and conduct the auction. Complicated but manageable, but I don't see how in an auction style draft, anyone could draft two teams. It's just hard to do. I'd prefer a proxy as well, moreso for Daniel's sake as it would be complicated, hell, it's complicated to draft one team, but also to preserve integrity if ever questioned.
Matt Sewell Posted at 10:36PM on August 20
Okay...I already started some of my research. I just did a hypothetical. This would literally be the perfect draft based on our scoring system. QUARTERBACKS Patrick Mahomes QB Deshaun Watson QB Aaron Rodgers QB RUNNING BACKS Saquon Barkley Ezekiel Elliott Alvin Kamara Christian McCaffrey WIDE RECEIVERS Odell Beckham Jr Julio Jones DeAndre Hopkins JuJu Smith-Schuster TIGHT ENDS Travis Kelce Zach Ertz DEFENSES Chicago Bears Denver Broncos KICKERS Greg Zuerlein Justin Tucker
Matt Sewell Posted at 10:05PM on August 20
Concerning Avery...I am all about inclusion. I think we should be sensitive to special circumstances if they can be accommodated. With that said, I truly think we should think about the tech we are using. Over cell phones is not good for anyone concerned. We really need to do VC in some capacity. We need visual and audio. There are plenty of solutions and I am happy to take point in solving this solution when I get to town. I can bring an HD camera and extra PC if that would be helpful.
Matt Sewell Posted at 10:02PM on August 20
Okay...concerning Leslie and Daniel situation. I think that this would technically be a conflict of interest. While I genuinely think that Daniel would operate with the utmost integrity. I just don't think it is a good idea. It puts Daniel in an akward position where people will be questioning his motives and likely not always assuming positive intent. As such, I would propose we come up with some sort of proxy. Basically Leslie could provide some guidance to them and let that individual do it on her behalf. Perhaps someone from the PFFL2 league or something like that? My notion here is that if I would Daniel, I would hate that as I would have to try and balance what is the right thing in terms of players I want vs. the players she wants. I just think that there is so much conflict that could be avoided if we could locate someone that could assist.
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:14PM on August 20
Testing Trash with new Identity field
Matt Sewell Posted at 12:07AM on August 20
@Phillip, bring it. It has taken me years to be the champ. Whether I win again is secondary to ensuring that a rookie doesnt.
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:53PM on August 16
Pay your dues before the draft to save us all some time! Here are the ways you can pay online:

Venmo: @krystofk
Facebook Messenger

What you owe is the negative number in your current account, which is listed on your team page.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 05:04PM on August 15
Spend One year as the auctioneer to see everyones draft strategies and then infiltrate the league to destroy them!! BRILLIANT PLAN! Oh heyyyy everyone!
Krystof Kage Posted at 04:45PM on August 15
League full, auctioneers planned, ppr official... It's all coming together so nicely!
Leslie Gray* Posted at 12:46PM on August 15
I vote yes on PPR
Justin Adams* Posted at 10:29AM on August 15
I vote yes for full PPR as well. *sparkle*
Krystof Kage* Posted at 09:55AM on August 14
Hey everyone - we need two more teams to get back up to 14 players - check out the homepage for more information on that!
Daniel Gray* Posted at 09:36PM on August 12
(Oh, and hi everyone)
Daniel Gray* Posted at 09:36PM on August 12
I vote yes for full PPR.
Kierston Schultz Posted at 07:18PM on August 8
John and I both vote yes to go full PPR. 5 votes total.
Kierston Schultz Posted at 07:17PM on August 8
Yes, the host is in the central time zone. I just posted at 8:16 EST and it showed up at 7:16.
Kierston Schultz Posted at 07:16PM on August 8
Preseason is upon us! Watching meaningless games with no implications. Duke Johnson is going to be my keeper!
Krystof Kage* Posted at 11:02AM on August 7
Or perhaps it is a daylight savings time thing, as the system is behind us by an hour. Everyone - would love your help in verifying on November 3 so we don't lock out games an hour early.
Krystof Kage* Posted at 11:00AM on August 7
Testing a timestamp concern - I think our host is in a different timezone?
Krystof Kage Posted at 04:13PM on July 29
While opportunity was given to submit rule changes, nobody submitted any, so there was no voting to be had. Having said that, I really want to go to full PPR as well. I think we can suggest rule changes in here and make the vote just kinda go - so that would be 3 votes for full PPR.
Avery Jackson Posted at 03:38PM on July 29
Thats what im saying, i dont think we voted on anything before the site went down. I also want to go to full PPR.
Matt Sewell Posted at 11:28AM on July 29
Feature request: For team owners that dont have their name in team name, can we add a place where there team name is in ()...for example (dickhead). Also, rule submission for consideration, how do we post those? For example...I want to go full PPR this year. What is the medium? Just post here? Peace out and already looking forward to it
Krystof Kage Posted at 05:58PM on July 27
Nobody requested any rule changes and the site was active for a while after a call for rule changes were published. Nothing was "sprung up" as I recall as we allow rule changes at the draft that don't have anything to do with scoring.
Avery Jackson Posted at 08:57AM on July 27
It would also be nice to have a list of rule changes for this year. so that shit isn't sprung at us the day of the draft, like last year.
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:03PM on July 26
Testing new form...
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:19AM on July 22
'Single quotes too?'
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:19AM on July 22
"How about some quotes"
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:19AM on July 22
Testing one more time...
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:27PM on December 24
Brandike! You lose, maybe next year you'll get 3rd place, if you're lucky. GG Brandon, you do know I was just pushing your buttons every time, its enjoyable. You shouldn't be so sensitive Doc. I do believe they call it the trash talk page for a reason. I look forward to beating you in the future. Congratulations Matt!!! Well done Matty! It's good to wear that championship belt for the next year and something that John will never get to do.
Matt Sewell Posted at 08:43AM on December 24
A bunch of random thoughts in this Christmas Eve morning. First let me start with Merry Xmas to you all. I hope it is fun and safe and you get/take the time to spend it with those that are most important to you;) concerning Anderson(for John) I had a weird feeling about Robby Anderson yesterday morning and for some reason I have this gut instinct that D. Hamilton was going to have better odd against Oakland vs. Anderson against the Packers....well clearly it seems that I was wrong...who would have expected Robby Anderson to have his best game of the season? Regardless of the outcome of that decision, I am extremely pleased that it didn’t hurt me in obtaining the W. Here is hoping that this is the first of many a New England dynasty. Going into this year I was confident but not cocky about my strategy...for me it was about value. Don’t over pay for superstars but pay for consistency. As a general rule I hate streaky players. Even with being intentional about going after players that I thought would do well each week (not superstars), I still got burned. I guess all in all, the lesson I learned is that the best strategy for me this year (across all four leagues I was) is like the stock market. Set up the team with steady performers. Hope for a crazy go off day for atleast one each week. I am not much a shit talker...because I am of the view, don’t talk shit unless you are the champ....that time is now. This championship means more to me then any of the others...because all of you really know what you are doing. You are following the fantasy talking heads, you are watching the games, you are watching the matchups and frankly you have a passion for it. That is what makes this league special. Now, if we can just evolve, it could be best if bread. Examples...move to 1 point PPR and get real time scoring, it would be amazing. @K, I know a couple of really smart coders in python, php/hack, pearl...hell pick a language and we can sort it out. Alternatively, perhaps explore a purpose built platform. This is not intended as a critique, it is just a time value equation. The amount of time you have to spend in reviewing scores manually (in which sometimes their are human errors), there is a time delay in obtaining scores, we have to scroll the player database and if the player is not there, it needs to be added,...these are just some of the areas of opportunity is what I am saying. Don’t get me wrong, the charm and the competitiveness outweighs the annoyance. Just that sometimes...the biggest enemy of great is good. I say we take then offseason to explore and evaluate and then come forward with a plan to address. Perhaps there is a solution where we just get an API...there has to be open source code for that. Love you all, unsure if I will come to Tally next Labor Day or not...with that said...putting it out there now, I am totally up for destination draft location. Vegas, Orlando, Jax, Tampa, Key West...I don’t know where but up for anything...I can pretty much get a direct flight to anywhere from Denver...well except Tally. I realize that we are all not at the same stage of our lives and it may not make sense for all...however, traveling and building relationships is important. So, doing the draft some where and getting away from the norm can sometimes be fun...just food for thought.
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 08:37AM on December 24
Merry Christmas to all teams and Happy New Year!!!!! Even if we finish with a 4th place finish, we (Mike and I) think it was an amazing season and we are quite happy with how the season ended up after the start to our season...Enjoy the off-season everyone!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 08:18AM on December 24
Congratulations Matt on winning a championship. They are bitter sweet and welcome to the hallway of champions. It is a nice place to visit and your name is now stamped for eternity at being a champion. The cash is nice too! ;)
John Schultz Posted at 06:27AM on December 24
Congrats again, Matt! I take a bit of comfort knowing that my lineup choices made no difference. You soundly grabbed the title. I'll be gunning for you next season. Have a great summer.
Matt Sewell Posted at 11:12PM on December 23 now it is over. What a great year!! Thanks for all the memories. The alcoholics now have their first championship!!
Matt Sewell Posted at 07:20PM on December 23
It ain’t over yet...anything can happen.
John Schultz Posted at 07:04PM on December 23
Congrats, Matt! It was a good run, but my QB's definitely let me down. Your team definitely was the strongest of the league this year! See you Labor Day!
John Schultz Posted at 04:02PM on December 23
Brandon and Mike, the Indy pickup didn't work out so well after all...yikes.
John Schultz Posted at 02:58PM on December 23
Never mind...I see that he was pulled from the ballot prior to taking office. Ooof!
John Schultz Posted at 01:47PM on December 23
Impeach Robby Anderson!
John Schultz Posted at 09:35AM on December 23
Yeah, I couldn't believe the Colts were on the waiver wire! Especially with OBJ out this week. I almost put Rivers back in right before the took a lot of fortitude to keep him on the bench! Very happy that Gordon was relatively quite last night. Feeling hopeful!
Justin Adams Posted at 12:40PM on December 22
Oh, John, don’t slag yourself so hard. You’re not THAT hairy. ;) *sparkle*