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Talker Trash
Daniel Gray Posted at 09:11AM on January 12
Im gonna try and ride the Derrick Henry train to a victory. ALL ABOARD. Choo choo.
Justin Adams Posted at 10:47PM on January 5
Three visiting teams win in one-score games on Wild Card weekend, and the fourth visitor only loses in OT. We’re in for some wild-ass playoffs, y’all.
John Schultz Posted at 10:22AM on December 31
Hey Kage, I'm in for the playoff league. Kierston and Doug are both interested as well. K and I can draft any time. I'll check in with Doug if we end up having him in the group.
Avery Jackson Posted at 01:12PM on December 24
Congrats Corwin and the other winners. Thank you to Krystof and everybody for a great season Happy Holidays, Avery and Evan.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 11:06AM on December 24
I beat the Champion this year. No biggie.
Justin Adams Posted at 11:36PM on December 23
Congrats to the top 4! Great season, all.
Corwin Barnes Posted at 09:33PM on December 23
Thanks Rory! And thank you all! What a great and intense fantasy experience. It is nice to be around likeminded people who love this game as much as I do. Rookie? ROOKIE?!?! I believe the word you are looking for is CHAMPION!!!
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 02:56PM on December 23
Congratulations Corwin! You had one hell of season. It turns out scoring a lot of points during the season isn’t as important as getting the W’s.
Leslie Gray Posted at 09:41PM on December 22
GREAT GAME KIERSTON!!! Congratulations on your very successful first trip to the playoffs! 4th for me on e more time. Cant believe we are at the end of the season already. I look forward to seeing you all here next year!
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:48AM on December 21
Scores will be a little late on Sunday, as I will be in Gainesville for much of the day with family. But they will be done by Sunday night at some point. Just a heads up and good luck to everyone!
Mike Hall Posted at 08:12AM on December 20
Good luck to the 4 teams this weekend. Mike and I propose that we get rid of $1 waivers next year and that Krystof gives us a cost to pay for the website, his draft board, and entry fee for 2020. I think this would prevent the complications of extra $’s owed each year because how much you spent on waivers or didn’t. In addition, it pays for the website hosting fee and covers Krystof’s entry fee for all the work he does as commissioner. Hopefully others like this idea and we can get it passed to make things simpler year in and year out. Good luck again to the 4 playoff teams!
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 09:16AM on December 17
Way to go Corwin!!
Corwin Barnes Posted at 11:16PM on December 16
Thanks Leslie!
Leslie Gray Posted at 05:30PM on December 16
Welp, GG Corwin! My team did not show up this week. Now go win the whole thing!!
Leslie Gray Posted at 03:50PM on December 12
Ack!! Semi finals! Congrats to all who made it!! Corwin aint no way im letting a Rookie into the finals!!! Although the injuries to my WRs crew might make it a little harder.
Mike Hall Posted at 09:00AM on December 10
GG Kierston!! Good Luck the rest of the way!!! Mike
Leslie Gray Posted at 06:42AM on December 10
GG Avery and Evan!
Leslie Gray Posted at 06:42AM on December 10
GG Avery and Evan!
Kierston Schultz Posted at 07:50AM on December 9
Thank you Mike and Brandon. I was nervous when I saw Matt Ryans game.
Mike Hall Posted at 04:28PM on December 8
I don’t need to see the official scoring to know we got a beat down from you Kierston. Good luck the rest of the way. We started the wrong players this week as a lot of points were left on the bench for us. Now go win the whole damn thing so we can now we lost to the champ!
Mike Hall Posted at 11:46PM on December 5
Nice pass with 20 seconds left to get Prescott over 300 Kierston. Garbage time always frustrates me, but can make or break fantasy. Good start, here’s to hoping Ryan can get some garbage 300 yards too this Sunday!
Mike Hall Posted at 07:52PM on December 5
Right back at you Kierston. Let’s hope this game is more representative of our teams with it being a fun shootout! :)
Kierston Schultz Posted at 07:41PM on December 5
Good luck this week Brandike. GG last week!
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:47PM on December 3
If it is any consolation, Daniel, the playoff order would have been the same had Justin beaten you. He still would have missed the playoffs.
Daniel Gray Posted at 08:42AM on December 3
GG Justin. Sorry to play spoiler. Ironic that I got my highest point total of the season this week. GL to all that made the playoffs!
Mike Hall Posted at 11:59PM on December 2
Well damn...I guess I thought it would matter for Week 14, but I guess not...Haha
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:57PM on December 2
But also funny that, now that I made that move for you, NE waived Forbath was the headline I just saw...
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:55PM on December 2
Got it, B. Yeah, I saw it last night and was like "well I guess it wasn't all that important, now, was it?"
Mike Hall Posted at 11:52PM on December 2
Thanks Kage, but please check your player update database as I submitted the request on Saturday. Congratulations to all the playoff teams, let's have a fun rematch Kierston where hopefully both our teams score a lot more points than our last matchup...
Mike Hall Posted at 11:42PM on December 2
Hey Krystof. Over the weekend, we submitted a player request for the NE Kicker (Forbath), but I never saw the move get processed. This should have occurred prior to Sunday and will not be an EWP...Important for us heading into Wild Card Weekend...
Justin Adams Posted at 11:28PM on December 2
I honestly can't believe I stuck around this season as long as I did. I was hoping to go worst-to-first-to-worst-to-first in 4 seasons (because who doesn't love a yo-yo?), but I'll take my first berth in the Central and a choice of an actual legit keeper for next year. Better days ahead, methinks. GG, Daniel. Let's see some playoff fireworks!
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 08:17AM on December 2
GG Kage!! What a season! Thanks for allowing me to join! Excited to closely watch the playoffs! Hope my fellow rookie can take it all home!!
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:41PM on December 1
GG Rory!! You are a super tough competitor and no offense but i hope you don’t get the 5th seed so we play each other again next week, lol
Kierston Schultz Posted at 10:04PM on December 1
So.... I still may not win... but love my last minute TE pick-up =)
Jeremy Golibersuch Posted at 08:55PM on December 1
Gg John Schultz
John Schultz Posted at 11:46AM on December 1
Thanks for the correctness, Kage! Please take me off life support! Good luck in the playoffs, everyone!
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:28AM on December 1
Randy moved David Njoku to IR, but since I don't have an easy way to do that without being in my office, I have relabeled his name and given him his replacement TE and charged a buck. Essentially, it is all on the up and up, just done all wonky.
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:19PM on November 28
Hope your Thanksgiving is awesome, filled with food, friends and football!
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 06:12PM on November 27
So you’re saying there’s a chance..
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:48PM on November 26
This week, I play with the team I drafted to be my starters. No strategy, no looking up rankings... Just going with what got me all those points but very few wins. I'm going out in style - hoping to get that "most points not in the playoffs" money. It isn't much, but you all did spend a lot on waivers this season so it's better than losing in the first round, right? Good luck in week 13 everyone!
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:38AM on November 26
Thanks - yeah, dunno why I thought 3...meh. Fixed.
Leslie Gray Posted at 06:45AM on November 26
Hi Kage, Mark Ingram inly had 2 TDs not 3. It was a close game still though!
Justin Adams Posted at 11:12PM on November 25
Spoke too soon—I should’ve started Hollywood instead of Renfrow. Anybody want a slow guy who played at Clemson for like a decade? Because he’s going on the fuckin’ waiver wire tomorrow.
Justin Adams Posted at 11:01PM on November 25
Shit. I mean, on one hand I’m happy Woods at least played this week. On the other, I clearly should’ve started Hollywood. Even with as piss-poor a performance as I got from everyone whose name doesn’t start with an “E” and end with an “rtz,” I would’ve at least put SOME pressure on for a comeback win. Oh well. GG, Double K.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 01:47PM on November 25
Yet again even with the highest scoring team (so far) this week, I find myself in a contentious battle for a win. I need Lamar to do his thing yet again. In the words of Coldplay “nobody said it was easy...but no one ever said it would be this hard.”
Mike Hall Posted at 07:51PM on November 24
Note to self, fantasy football some times is only about luck! You can assume a guy will do amazing based on matchups, etc., but sometimes it just boils down to luck. Sorry about your bad luck this week Kierston, and although neither one of us deserved the win, but we’ll happily take the much needed victory. It was a nail biter! Hope to have a real rematch in the playoffs!
John Schultz Posted at 06:29PM on November 24
Note to self for next season: Trust your gut and not the pundits. Ooof!
Mike Hall Posted at 08:59AM on November 22
No worries Justin, we read the same bs and benched Williams as we were worried how Wilkins would take most of the work. We left 25 points on the bench, which has to make Kierston happy! Oh well, maybe this is the week OBJ finally shows up...
Justin Adams Posted at 11:02PM on November 21
Welp, misfired horribly on the Wilkins pickup. Yikes. Guess it's 8-on-7 again this week, disad: yours truly.
Justin Adams Posted at 07:00PM on November 21
Randy, I just emailed you a trade capsule between John and myself. No immediate rush, just an FYI.