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Talker Trash
Michael Hall Posted at 04:53PM on December 13
GG game Justin, another close one!!! Good luck to you and the rest of the winners!!!!!
John Schultz Posted at 03:21PM on December 13
Yeah KK, I had some hope...but glad it was an exciting weekend!
John Schultz Posted at 03:18PM on December 13
Congrats to Krystof and those who advanced! Good luck in round 2, everyone!
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:12AM on December 12
GG John. I was really worried about Cooks, even up through the fourth quarter, but so glad Miami found a way to shut him down. The road would have been tough for you without Wentz, but I am sure you still would have loved to have found out.
Justin Adams Posted at 12:16PM on December 11
GG Mike--I thought I was in trouble with having to start the Jags against both Wilson and Baldwin. Can't believe our games were that close both times... I was biting my nails all afternoon! *sparkle*
Christian Smith Posted at 11:40AM on December 11
Can’t believe I won with a -2 point QB. Fantasy football is ridiculous. Gg Avery...see you next year!!
Krystof Kage Posted at 01:51PM on December 10
Having to start Doyle hurts so much cuz I couldn't be sure Ertz was going to play and couldn't waive him. Yeesh.
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:33PM on December 7
38... Not 39...
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:30PM on December 7
OMG. Sean Payton lost them the game. Ugh. That was an eight point swing, John, on that pick. I hope it doesn't bite me too hard. I'll Tally the scores tomorrow cuz I forgot to do something with everyone's lineups who were not in the playoffs. Ugh. I guess I scored 39pts... Should have been more.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 01:48PM on December 5
Good luck to everyone moving forward. This was a fun season either way.
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:13AM on December 5
To Matt, Leslie, Daniel, Kierston, Steve, Randy and Rory - Thanks for a good (and very tough) season. Stick around and watch what are all amazing!
Justin Adams Posted at 11:32PM on December 4
I don’t know if anyone else just saw JuJu thunderstrike Vontaze Burfict, but I feel like Avery should get a couple points for that hit (no offense, Scott). Yowza. *sparkle*
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 12:04AM on December 4
K I will try, but I will most definitely hope for more than 23 points! Hahahaha
Scott Golden Posted at 11:53PM on December 3
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:48PM on December 3
Rory - I need you to win just to be safe. Can you do that without scoring more than 23pts? I hope so...
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:24PM on December 3
Idk how I missed that defensive touchdown. Sorry about that!
Michael Hall Posted at 11:03PM on December 3
Krysof, double check the rams d for me please. I have 27pts. Everything is too close, we all need every inch.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 10:09PM on December 3
Dead tie right now broski!
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 05:31PM on December 3
Daniel Gray Posted at 04:24PM on December 3
More evidence that playing me is a good remedy for what ails you: Alex Smith.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 03:09PM on December 3
If there is a statistic for the highest # of Patriots touchdowns left on the bench, I would have it. Trusting a fart seems like a better proposition with these current stats.
Justin Adams Posted at 12:11PM on December 3
Good luck today, everyone. Can't wait to see how everything shakes out! *sparkle*
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 01:57PM on December 1
That's s lot of thinking there. The article hurt my brain. Lol.
Michael Hall Posted at 02:07PM on November 30
Nice job Krystof!
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 08:18PM on November 29
Excellent article K!
Justin Adams Posted at 02:30PM on November 29
Thanks for putting together all those playoff calculations, Krystof. I tried to figure it out yesterday and got through about 15 Post-Its before I gave up. *sparkle*
Michael Hall Posted at 01:26PM on November 28
GG Justin. Damn.....
Scott Golden Posted at 12:59PM on November 28
Does someone not have a keeper for next year? Email me.
Justin Adams Posted at 12:25AM on November 28
Holy shit. I can't believe I eked that out, Mike. GG. *sparkle*
Scott Golden Posted at 12:17AM on November 28
Week 13 I’m cheering for the sparkle!
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 06:25PM on November 27
I want to drink every day!
Daniel Gray Posted at 05:53PM on November 27
My team is all hype and no results - has been all year. Call it learning the ropes, if you want. But this season has just wanted to make me drink every week. Good luck in the playoffs, all. I'm firing my coaching staff and trading half my roster.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 05:51PM on November 27
So of course the team that hasn't broken 100 all year goes off for 144 against me. I suppose on the positive side that's some screw Factor points.
Justin Adams Posted at 09:51PM on November 26
Julio Jones... wow. I'm sweating this one out, Mike. *sparkle*
Leslie Gray Posted at 09:45PM on November 26
Dang it! GG Christian
Leslie Gray Posted at 06:38PM on November 26
Brady had 2 turn overs one fumble and one INT
Leslie Gray Posted at 09:42AM on November 26
Just goes to show you: If your team needs a pick me up, play the Highland Wolves! You're sure to score a lotta points. lol. The fates just dont like me this year.
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:56PM on November 25
That's one. Lol.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 09:43PM on November 25
I love real articles.
Leslie Gray Posted at 04:19PM on November 23
Happy Thanksgiving Gents and Lady!! 💋
Scott Golden Posted at 02:30PM on November 23
I love starting Lions against Krystof.!
Justin Adams Posted at 12:23PM on November 23
Happy Turkey Day to all! May your days be full of food, friends and football. *sparkle*
Daniel Gray Posted at 10:20AM on November 22
How I am 5-6 considering when only 3 teams have scored less than I have and nobody's had more points scored against them is a minor miracle. At this point, I'll take it.
Krystof Kage Posted at 09:33AM on November 22
I handled it for you, Rory. Yeah, Putting someone on and taking them off IR requires me to do things, so I got you.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 07:16AM on November 22
Hey K I am trying to re-activate Olsen and drop Gresham. I see I can start Olsen but can’t drop the other TE without adding someone. Can you help me out with this please?
Justin Adams Posted at 09:31PM on November 21
Matt, I thought you had me with all those huge Chargers performances. GG. *sparkle*
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 04:07PM on November 21
Yeah I have no idea how I got that “W” but thanks for giving me a punchers chance Mike.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 03:40PM on November 21
Thanks Mike
Michael Hall Posted at 02:04PM on November 21
Nice win Rory.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 11:34AM on November 21
FYI, (sorry if overly technical) Centurylink has a router in the Network Tallahassee server room which is responsible for connecting multiple networks to the the internet. It started doing some sort of a glitch the caused it to lose DNS, which is responsible for routing. Since MYPFFL.COM is located on a server here in the same server room, it was unreachable for several periods between Friday and yesterday. We hope the problem has now been fixed, but this is likely why Christian and anybody else couldn't get the site up during that time. It was intermittent as we kept rebooting it and it would work for awhile but kept going down until it was replaced. Thankfully it was Centurylink's and not ours but that is because they buy crap and we put good ones in on our side. None the less, sorry for the inconvenience.