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Talker Trash
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:27PM on December 24
Brandike! You lose, maybe next year you'll get 3rd place, if you're lucky. GG Brandon, you do know I was just pushing your buttons every time, its enjoyable. You shouldn't be so sensitive Doc. I do believe they call it the trash talk page for a reason. I look forward to beating you in the future. Congratulations Matt!!! Well done Matty! It's good to wear that championship belt for the next year and something that John will never get to do.
Matt Sewell Posted at 08:43AM on December 24
A bunch of random thoughts in this Christmas Eve morning. First let me start with Merry Xmas to you all. I hope it is fun and safe and you get/take the time to spend it with those that are most important to you;) concerning Anderson(for John) I had a weird feeling about Robby Anderson yesterday morning and for some reason I have this gut instinct that D. Hamilton was going to have better odd against Oakland vs. Anderson against the Packers....well clearly it seems that I was wrong...who would have expected Robby Anderson to have his best game of the season? Regardless of the outcome of that decision, I am extremely pleased that it didn’t hurt me in obtaining the W. Here is hoping that this is the first of many a New England dynasty. Going into this year I was confident but not cocky about my strategy...for me it was about value. Don’t over pay for superstars but pay for consistency. As a general rule I hate streaky players. Even with being intentional about going after players that I thought would do well each week (not superstars), I still got burned. I guess all in all, the lesson I learned is that the best strategy for me this year (across all four leagues I was) is like the stock market. Set up the team with steady performers. Hope for a crazy go off day for atleast one each week. I am not much a shit talker...because I am of the view, don’t talk shit unless you are the champ....that time is now. This championship means more to me then any of the others...because all of you really know what you are doing. You are following the fantasy talking heads, you are watching the games, you are watching the matchups and frankly you have a passion for it. That is what makes this league special. Now, if we can just evolve, it could be best if bread. Examples...move to 1 point PPR and get real time scoring, it would be amazing. @K, I know a couple of really smart coders in python, php/hack, pearl...hell pick a language and we can sort it out. Alternatively, perhaps explore a purpose built platform. This is not intended as a critique, it is just a time value equation. The amount of time you have to spend in reviewing scores manually (in which sometimes their are human errors), there is a time delay in obtaining scores, we have to scroll the player database and if the player is not there, it needs to be added,...these are just some of the areas of opportunity is what I am saying. Don’t get me wrong, the charm and the competitiveness outweighs the annoyance. Just that sometimes...the biggest enemy of great is good. I say we take then offseason to explore and evaluate and then come forward with a plan to address. Perhaps there is a solution where we just get an API...there has to be open source code for that. Love you all, unsure if I will come to Tally next Labor Day or not...with that said...putting it out there now, I am totally up for destination draft location. Vegas, Orlando, Jax, Tampa, Key West...I don’t know where but up for anything...I can pretty much get a direct flight to anywhere from Denver...well except Tally. I realize that we are all not at the same stage of our lives and it may not make sense for all...however, traveling and building relationships is important. So, doing the draft some where and getting away from the norm can sometimes be fun...just food for thought.
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 08:37AM on December 24
Merry Christmas to all teams and Happy New Year!!!!! Even if we finish with a 4th place finish, we (Mike and I) think it was an amazing season and we are quite happy with how the season ended up after the start to our season...Enjoy the off-season everyone!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 08:18AM on December 24
Congratulations Matt on winning a championship. They are bitter sweet and welcome to the hallway of champions. It is a nice place to visit and your name is now stamped for eternity at being a champion. The cash is nice too! ;)
John Schultz Posted at 06:27AM on December 24
Congrats again, Matt! I take a bit of comfort knowing that my lineup choices made no difference. You soundly grabbed the title. I'll be gunning for you next season. Have a great summer.
Matt Sewell Posted at 11:12PM on December 23 now it is over. What a great year!! Thanks for all the memories. The alcoholics now have their first championship!!
Matt Sewell Posted at 07:20PM on December 23
It ain’t over yet...anything can happen.
John Schultz Posted at 07:04PM on December 23
Congrats, Matt! It was a good run, but my QB's definitely let me down. Your team definitely was the strongest of the league this year! See you Labor Day!
John Schultz Posted at 04:02PM on December 23
Brandon and Mike, the Indy pickup didn't work out so well after all...yikes.
John Schultz Posted at 02:58PM on December 23
Never mind...I see that he was pulled from the ballot prior to taking office. Ooof!
John Schultz Posted at 01:47PM on December 23
Impeach Robby Anderson!
John Schultz Posted at 09:35AM on December 23
Yeah, I couldn't believe the Colts were on the waiver wire! Especially with OBJ out this week. I almost put Rivers back in right before the took a lot of fortitude to keep him on the bench! Very happy that Gordon was relatively quite last night. Feeling hopeful!
Justin Adams Posted at 12:40PM on December 22
Oh, John, don’t slag yourself so hard. You’re not THAT hairy. ;) *sparkle*
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 12:06PM on December 22
Thank you John for acquiring the Colts D, I was wondering who was going to take that nugget sitting out there. With the Bears D, I couldn't justify it, but the Colts have a shot (beyond the Falcons) to be a top 5 defense this weekend!
John Schultz Posted at 09:04AM on December 22
Alrighty gentlemen! Here we go! It's been a great ride this year. I can't believe the prep and research during the hot summer months and the banter at the draft is drawing to a close. Let the epic battle begin between the Awesome Alcoholics and the Hairy Old Alcoholics!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 03:34PM on December 20
Thanks for writing up something Krystof. I just checked the schedule and was bummed to see there is no Thursday night game, but I guess they have replaced it with 2 games on Saturday. Good luck to Avery, Matt, and John this weekend. Let's go win some money!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 12:15PM on December 18
Congratulations to John and Matt again on the chance to be a champion. Nothing can take away the feeling each of you are getting and the joy of being in your shoes is that no matter you are making a lot of money off this fantasy season. Congratulations again on a successful season to each of you and good luck to both of you. I am happy to see that one of you will be a champion in this league...On to other things now...Well Avery, here we are! Two teams that have championships, but neither with a 3rd place finish. We are hoping to add a number in that column after this weekend, so let's rumble, shall we?
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:38PM on December 17
Well... that was interesting to say the least.... well done Matt... one 2 yard reception scored those extra 2 points.... Man, did we cash again? On to Brandon and his puppet...SMH
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 11:07PM on December 17
Congratulations John. Nice win. Good luck to you and whomever wins tonight. Another great season in the pffl, to all!!!
John Schultz Posted at 06:43PM on December 16
Thanks, guys! I am extremely happy with how my team played this week. It was scary benching Michel and Burton, but followed my gut on it. I sent Brandon a text yesterday lauding his excellence in the league. There are a handful of us old timers with pretty decent win percentages. I believe his is the best. When you combine his insight with Mike, that makes the team even more powerful. Glad to seem that I made it to the finals! It is a fun experience to be playing into week 16! Great season everyone! Thanks for the fellowship and banter here!
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 06:08PM on December 16
Asking nicely: if you are out of the playoffs, please do not start a lineup. It creates more work for me unnecessarily and skews historical records. Thanks folks!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 04:03PM on December 16
Congratulations John! Pending a 200-yard, 4 TD performance from Antonio Brown (which probably still wouldn’t be enough), you’re moving on. Injuries bit us good, but we’ll have to regroup and now aim for a 3rd place finish! Good luck in the championship John, go win it all!
Matt Sewell Posted at 12:34PM on December 16
Apologies for the typos but I was using speak to text
Matt Sewell Posted at 12:33PM on December 16
First I would like to start by saying thank you very much Krista for such a thorough right up I don’t know that I necessarily agree with all of your assumptions but regardless it should be a good week I’m happy to be in the playoffs we had a week off to rest up was ever hopeful that Melvin Gordon would suit up the last since he didn’t roll in with Carson and will roll in with Ingram was kind of disappointed with Kelsey but I’m just hopeful that the rest of the team shows up let’s go with luck and have a big day good luck to all the playoff teams it’s been a great year and may the best team win peace out folks
John Schultz Posted at 11:33PM on December 15
As always, I appreciate your article, Kage. The personal analysis is something that has made our league unique! That said, I gotta be happy with the early games this week. Now I just need the Falcons to get shut down tomorrow. It would be nice to make a rare appearance in the finals. Good luck boys!!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 05:41PM on December 14
Ahhh...And I just noticed the article at the bottom of the page...Thanks for writing it. Enjoy your weekend everyone. Thanks for the article Krystof.
Krystof Kage Posted at 05:19PM on December 14
Refresh and all will be revealed...
Krystof Kage Posted at 05:19PM on December 14
Dang...forgot to upload the new image. Good Good thing is wasn't something about Larry playing against Tim Huggins or something, right?
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 03:36PM on December 14
So, am I confused or what matchup this week features a "battle between two former champions." No disrespect to John, but hasn't won a championship (just yet). In addition, what matchup features a "relatively new squad" facing a seasoned veteran with two 2nd place finishes? Who will be the 2017 PFFL Champion? Isn't it the 2018 PFFL Champion? Maybe Krystof is already highlighting the Championship game will be between two former champs (Avery and Mike)? Either way, just messing with you boys. Good luck to John, Matt, and Avery this weekend, it will be a fun ride no matter what!
Daniel Gray Posted at 11:16AM on December 12
I had to take a day to collect myself. Talk about a roller coaster. From looking like I had a chance with Gurley left, to having him flame out, to having Seattle's D looking like they were gifting me a win until the last 2 minutes of the game. Phew. Damn, that was a hell of a way to go out. GG Mike / Brandon. Onto the next. On the bright side, I have my new keeper for next year :D
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 12:24PM on December 11
John? C'mon baby! Let's roll. This should be a fun battle and no way Amari Cooper gets 50 points again, or will he? Looking forward to the matchup indeed!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 12:24PM on December 11
Your childish remarks are growing old and it is quite evident that your speculation has no merit. I am a family man that has decided to play in 1 of 2 leagues and made a decision to prioritize my family. I miss the PFFL and respect all players in this league and would like to think that I offered a level of class and respect to all the players in this league, which you clearly struggle to provide. I have no desire to continue this ridiculous charade with you on a chat board. On to other things...
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:55PM on December 10
Really? Class? Says the guy who quit the league, who was too good for everyone else and then snaked his way back in, yeah you got class... bud
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 11:15PM on December 10
Quite a game Daniel. You won and we lost for about 15 minutes, but thankfully that TD at the end, put us on top and we went from losing to winning. Tough way to lose after feeling like you probably won, but we're happy to escape past you. And Evan, learn how to show some class there bud...
Avery Jackson Posted at 10:58PM on December 10
And Brandon loses, hahahaha!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 10:35PM on December 10
I just want to say this game SUCKS! I know Daniel is feeling excitement, but this is more stressful than this needs to be...
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:46PM on December 9
Yes my friend you are gonna lose because Hunt kicked some girl in a hallway....its is leveon bell sitting out all year at 49 bucks at the draft
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 11:38PM on December 9
Well I had a good run this season, my team really wet the bed this week, I still blame all this on Hunt being a dumbass!
Daniel Gray Posted at 11:16PM on December 9
Aaaaand Gurley is stymied all night. GG Brandon / Mike. See you all next season.
Krystof Kage Posted at 08:59PM on December 9
GG John. Yeah I went to bed for a nap thinking I had a chance. Then I saw Cooper's scores and knew it was over. Hey, the lack of starting Hilton would not have mattered. That was important to me. Great season, dude, and go all the way!
John Schultz Posted at 08:23PM on December 9
Still looking at results like they aren't real. Well, didn't think going into the 4th Q of late games it would end like this...and just in case everyone didn't know...Amari Cooper for PRESIDENT! I do remember going toe to toe with someone at draft to get him. Today is the reason why. GG Kage. Semis, BABY!!!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 08:04PM on December 9
Gurley has been a STUD all year, we expect he’ll make it interesting. On another note, how about Amari Cooper and Derrick Henry for players scoring way above their ceiling? Wow indeed!
Daniel Gray Posted at 05:49PM on December 9
Well, unless Gurley goes off, I'm done. None of my second tier players bothered to show up today.
Krystof Kage Posted at 04:10PM on December 9
Holy shit... Tannehill... Better than Brees today...
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:51PM on December 9
Fucking hell shit... Had to remember to cuss
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:51PM on December 9
The benching of Hilton and good shoulder injury might be the sorry of this game. Ugh. Wow.
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:19PM on December 9
My keeper with a career game is great. Give me more from everyone else. And damn you, Hilton... Wow...
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:10PM on December 9
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:10PM on December 9
Welp... That Hilton benching sucked...
Krystof Kage Posted at 01:00PM on December 9
I'm very nervous but totally understand that my presence in the playoffs is a little bit of luck. Hoping that luck kicks in hard this week and my choices of Ekeler and Sutton pay off. With Samuels and Hilton on the bench, it could be a lot of cussing. Good luck to everyone except John.