What you see below is a bunch of smack. Think you bring a better game to the table than your opponent for the week? Did someone just make a boneheaded waiver? Want to beat people down with words when you can't do it in a game? This is the place to show your stuff. Enter your trash in the appropriate field, and click "Post Your Trash" to submit it.

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Talker Trash
Leslie Gray Posted at 09:59PM on October 16
There should be an easier way for this to go down
Leslie Gray Posted at 09:59PM on October 16
freeman is going on IR I just picked up Ito smith can you please out Freeman on my IR slot? I dropped J. Allen so you’ll have to add him back to my roster
John Schultz Posted at 11:25PM on October 15 Enjoy!
John Schultz Posted at 10:59PM on October 15
SONY MICHEL FOR PRESIDENT!!! I didn't want to play into my historic Monday night meltdown...I can remember a field goal 7 years ago when I lost on a field o man...didn't expect it to happen. Now that I have made a post, it will go south. Either way GG, gentlemen!
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 10:03AM on October 15
Thank you Justin, I know the struggle you’re in, I’ve been that way for years as Krystof pointed out earlier, I finally have a team doing pretty decent, good luck the rest of the way!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 08:17AM on October 15
Damn John! Where is your Sony Michel for PRESIDENT? He likely just won you that game...
Daniel Gray Posted at 11:58PM on October 14
Wow, Matt. Hell of a game. 42 pts from each of us in the night game. Damn. That’s a really high point total overall. GG. Had me sweating.
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:45PM on October 14 are right, John. I will look at that formula in the morning, but there is a chance that 31pts exactly is being read incorrectly in the system. Should be an easy fix.
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:44PM on October 14
GG Jeremy! Dang my team is terrible
John Schultz Posted at 10:43PM on October 14
I don't know if I am missing something, but shouldn't Chicago D be a minus 2 rather than zero? It will be a close game and I need all the help I can get!!
Justin Adams Posted at 09:49PM on October 14
Dammit, dammit, dammit. I can't believe how shitty my team is. GG, Rory--looks like you're back to your winning ways. *sparkle*
Leslie Gray Posted at 07:48PM on October 14
Ok Avery/Evan, after discussing with Comish, I’m going to leave this as a documented warning for week 6’s negligence. Be aware this is something ALL owners need to keep up with (BYE weeks and Thursday night players).
Leslie Gray Posted at 07:31PM on October 14
Hey guys. I was out of town this weekend ... looking over the Avery/Evan issue, will get back to you. Thanks
John Schultz Posted at 04:15PM on October 14
Don't think the dart throw will hurt you this week! Good looks from all of your team!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 12:50PM on October 14
Hello PFFL! Apparently our TE is inactive today (which is a surprise), so we are waiving Nick Vannett (SEA TE) for Geoff Swaim (DAL TE) and starting him. Problem is, Swaim is not in the player database, so we wanted to post this to the trash talk so all can see we are making this move before kickoff. We texted Krystof, but wanted the league to see we are starting Geoff Swaim in our TE position, which is a dart throw anyway, but oh well...
Avery Jackson Posted at 04:36PM on October 12
Krystof Kage Posted at 04:15PM on October 12
Just start Bell and Conner for completeness sake while the VP of Operations makes her judgement
Avery Jackson Posted at 02:53PM on October 12
So, I just went to set my line up today, because I knew Prater and Tater were on a bye. I did not know Kamara was on a bye, and my wendall smallwood played last night. Obviously, Im not dropping Bell, Kamara, or Conner. so i will only be starting 1 RB this week. If Smallwood didnt play on thursday this wouldnt be a problem. As this would be my first offense, I would appreciate a warning with it documented.
Daniel Gray Posted at 11:04AM on October 12
We were fortunate not to lose power down in Southwood. We were very fortunate. Either way, I’m ready for football. Any plans to venture out and catch the games this weekend?
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:58AM on October 11
Happy to say that I have no damage... Except to my food in the fridge. Cuz yeah, very few people have power. But yes... I'm ready for football!
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 07:46AM on October 11
Hope all of you are safe and the damage is minimal in your world...Maybe some football will be a good distraction for you all tonight and this weekend?
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:58PM on October 10
At least 24 hours to be honest. Probably 72 for some people.
John Schultz Posted at 12:08PM on October 10
So what is everyone's over/under for the number of hours we'll be out of power?
John Schultz Posted at 12:04PM on October 10
GG Rory! I have been pretty fortunate so far this season. Kill it the rest of the way!
Daniel Gray Posted at 02:02PM on October 8
So it seems the remedy for players underperforming is just to play my team. Good lord, I cannot catch a break.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 03:50AM on October 8
Thanks John I thought 115 was respectable but nothing compared to 137 damn! It sucks to have such a good score and still lose. You have a good squad and know who to lay when sprinkled with some luck. Good luck and hope to face you in the future for a shot at redemption.
Justin Adams Posted at 08:10PM on October 7
Yep, can't win for losing. Oh well. GG Avery/Evan/whomever's on the horn tonight--I swear one of these seasons I'll make y'all eat glitter, but this is clearly not that season. Good luck the rest of the way, boys. *sparkle*
Krystof Kage Posted at 08:09PM on October 7
Wow some good drama left in the next two games! This is a pretty low scoring week, though, by comparison, for most teams.
John Schultz Posted at 07:45PM on October 7
Back at you Rory. I've been looking at numbers and don't think it is a sealed deal. Good luck in the Sunday night game - but not TOO much good luck. I've had a long history of evening games working against me. We'll see how it goes.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 05:42PM on October 7
Well John I put up a good effort to dethrone you but it looks like I will come up short. GG brother and good luck the rest of the season.
Justin Adams Posted at 02:21PM on October 7
I’d like to thank my entire bench for being awesome and showcasing my complete inability to start the right players. Seriously considering changing my team name to the Left Sharks, because I clearly have no idea what I’m doing. *sparkle*
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:35AM on October 7
I was pretty awesomely drunk last night, which gave me some insight to my opponent this week. Matt cover your ears bc the Warbling Lions are pitching a comeback starting NOW.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 03:14PM on October 4
Alright John it’s on! Let’s see if the Cunning Stunts, can pull off the ultimate stunt and deliver those Dark Lords their first loss of the season!
Justin Adams Posted at 10:39PM on October 2
(P.S.--hey Evan, how 'bout that Mitchy T? #BearDown *sparkle*)
Justin Adams Posted at 10:38PM on October 2
Far be it from me to call myself a PFFL historian, but I believe this week the Robot Unicorns will make league history as the first team to face off against four total owners in two consecutive weeks. ;) Missed you boys at the draft--hope we can have a beer and reminisce about all the glitter next Labor Day weekend! *sparkle*
Daniel Gray Posted at 09:37AM on October 2
Despite the fact that Mahomes couldnt bring me all the way back, I am a true believer in that boy, now. GG Jeremy. Close one :D
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 01:56AM on October 2
I have a winning record??? This is HUUUGE!
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 01:47AM on October 2
Thanks for the props Avery. GG Christian, you can’t win them all, or should I say you win at all? Lol hehe love you bro! Krystof you better get used to the Cunning Stunts winning and winning BIG TIME! Believe Me! We are going to win so much, that we get tired of winning!
Avery Jackson Posted at 12:42AM on October 2
Better get used to rory and win... we were 14 - 0.... lifetime... took us down... streak over... rory's got a squad... don't be scared spam... or should we call you smoked salmon from now on... no, scared salmon or scared spam. You pick
Mike Hall and Brandon Noel Posted at 02:04PM on October 1
Thank you Justin! On to Pittsburgh we go...
Daniel Gray Posted at 08:43AM on October 1
I need 38 from Mahomes tonight - in past years I'd be like "Well, this game's over" but this year has been insane from a QB perspective, so who knows?
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:02PM on September 30
GG Steve, holy moly Jared Goff!!
Justin Adams Posted at 08:12PM on September 30
Well, shit. Looks like the Pats' D was the best thing I got out of that trade after all. Good game, Mike...? Brandon? Brike? Mirandon? Whatever, y'all won. On to Cincinnati. *sparkle*
Avery Jackson Posted at 06:41PM on September 30
It should say GRRRR...Angry that I'm getting smoked like salmon cuz I'm a turd
Krystof Kage Posted at 05:21PM on September 30
GRRRR...Angry that my updated graphic did not make the homepage....
John Schultz Posted at 03:58PM on September 30
Leslie Gray Posted at 03:58PM on September 30
@ crinkle @
John Schultz Posted at 03:57PM on September 30
That's CRAZY! I can't believe no one else even commented on the 102 point craziness! Holy cow, everyone!
Leslie Gray Posted at 10:55AM on September 28
Holy crap! I’m down by 102 points already?!? Wow
Krystof Kage Posted at 11:50PM on September 27
These 50pt+ performances by QBs...seriously this season...this is crazy as hell!