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Talker Trash
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 11:10PM on July 13
Congrats Jeremy!!
Jeremy Golibersuch Posted at 07:29PM on July 7
Sorry everyone for taking so long Me and my wife became foster parents and we got a two-year-old boy two weeks ago it has been a world changer to me my life been crazy the past month lol But I’m so ready for football
Jeremy Golibersuch Posted at 07:28PM on July 7
Posted at 11:58PM on July 3 1. Yes - 3. Yes - 4. No - 5. No - 6. Yes
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:55PM on July 4
Almost final numbers with 13 votes: 1) 8-5 is Approved; 2) Approved; 3) 4-9 is Denied; 4) 6-7 is Denied since ties don't approve; 5) 3-10 is Denied; 6) 7-6 awaits final vote from Jeremy; 7) Approved; 8) Approved
Mike Hall Posted at 08:15AM on July 4
Mike Hall here. Straight to the point. I joined this league years ago because of Brandon. When he decided to step away a few years back. I convinced him to come back ,as a team. It was the only way I could continue to sell the idea of traveling to Tallahassee every year on Labor Day weekend, to play fantasy football, to my Wife and Daughter. Our families are close, if Brandon goes to Tally, Mike gets a weekend pass. As far as the league is concerned. We had an owner/GM approach. All decisions were mutually agreed upon (trades, ewp, etc....) . For the record, I have asked my WIFE to submit an ewp, in the past. “Not knowing who you’re talking to “ it was Disco Rick and the Dogs. Brandon talks more trash than I. Being a Trash Talk Page, BRANDON posted our decisions. (On purpose to limit any confusion) Extra set of eyes, I can see that feeling like an advantage.. My neighbor plays in a $500 league, we text each other on breaking news, every week during the season. In my opinion , all of us have the ability to have an extra set of eyes. Anyway I’ve developed a friendship with many of you I’ve enjoyed coming to Tally an seeing all you during fantasy weekend. We’ll see what happens??? 1.No, 3 No, 4 yes, 5 No, 6 Yes
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:58PM on July 3
1. Yes - 3. Yes - 4. No - 5. No - 6. No i think those are the undecideds
John Schultz Posted at 04:49PM on July 3
1-yes. 3-no. 4-no. 5-no. 6-no. So, #1 has clearly hit an emotional chord with some of our league members. For me, #1 boils down to things like EWP and waiver wire news. There have been many times that I get bogged down with unexpected work and miss the EWP. Ditto with waiver wire breaking news. Having an extra set of eyes and someone to makes moves is an added advantage. Is that a huge advantage? Probably not...but with as much parity that we have it could make a difference. I don't feel like it is an attack at all. I certainly respect both perspectives on this.
Kierston Schultz Posted at 04:12PM on July 3
My votes (on the ones not already decided): 1. yes 3. no 4. yes 5. no 6. yes
Krystof Kage Posted at 04:02PM on June 23
New vote totals (9 Votes): 1) 5-4; 2) 8-1 is APPROVED; 3) 3-6; 4) 4-5; 5) 3-6; 6) 5-4; 7) 8-1 is APPROVED; 8) 8-1 is APPROVED
Matt Sewell Posted at 12:20PM on June 23
Just landing it here for those not on the PFFL FB GL -
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 12:22PM on June 22
1. No, 2. Yes, 3. No, 4. Yes, 5. Yes, 6. Yes, 7. Yes, 8. Yes
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:53AM on June 10
Vote progress with 8 votes cast so far: 1) 5-3; 2) 7-1; 3) 3-5; 4) 3-5; 5) 2-6; 6) 4-4; 7) 7-1; 8) 7-1
Avery Jackson Posted at 11:56AM on June 9
Hey guy and gals, hope everyone is doing safe as we all pray to have a football season. If granted to play from here, I proclaim that Evan will not be a part of my team. He has never, but maybe once, shared costs or was given prize money. I proclaim that he will not be a part of the draft, you will not see him, I will change my password to a secret password, and I will not gather any information or advice from him during the season, and I will not call on him for help. With that being said, my votes are 1)no 2)yes 3)no 4)yes 5)no 6)no 7)yes 8)yes I also have a rule pertaining to the EWP that Krystof said we could vote on before the draft as it doesnt pertain to scoring. Thats all hopefully everyone remains healthy and safe, and we can have football too. peace
Daniel Gray Posted at 10:33AM on June 9
Hello everyone. Sorry its taken so long for me to get my votes in on this. Its partially because I've been preoccupied by other things (gee, ya think?), and partially because the tone of this discussion kinda turned me off to the idea of being in this league going forward. I play Fantasy Football for fun and to hangout and interact with people I enjoy spending time with. The way this discussion has unfolded has completely undermined some of that, so I had to take some time away and decide where I stood. Then I forgot about it for a while until I received a reminder from Krystof about the voting. Since I had some time to think about it and decided the pros outweighed the cons, I'm here and here are my votes: 1 - Yes / 2 - Yes / 3 - No / 4 - No / 5 - No / 6 - Yes / 7 - Yes / 8 - Yes
Justin Adams Posted at 05:52PM on May 23
Pour one out for Finnegan's Wake, y'all. I still remember going there for the pre-draft party on my first official day in the PFFL. Hard to believe we won't get that chance again.
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:08PM on April 24
Vote progress with 6 votes cast so far: 1) 4-2; 2) 5-1; 3) 3-3; 4) 2-4; 5) 2-4; 6) 3-3; 7) 5-1; 8) 5-1
Corwin Barnes Posted at 02:25PM on April 17
I am new to the league, thus my opinions are based only on what I experienced last year. My votes: 1:NO 2:YES 3:NO 4:NO 5:NO 6:NO 7:YES 8:NO
Matt Sewell Posted at 11:43PM on April 1
Well, I have remained somewhat silent and generally don't really feel the need to defend my POVs. However, it seems that there is quite a bit of emotion here. Don't get me wrong, I am always open for good debate and understand different POVs. It is just for me, I look at this from the perspective fairness as well. I am not overly against it mind you. It is just that I find that generally speaking data wins all arguments and emotion should be put aside when voting on rules. In this specific instance of two owners for one team, my logical brain tells me that all of the points made by K are pretty sound and logical. Also, for the sake of argument let's put aside personal bias...what does science say? The fact is that there are two rather intellectual minds that are not in competition with one another and working toward a common goal generally yield a better outcome. This is science people...not feeling. If you don't believe me and think I am making a vote based on emotion, I would draw your attention to the some well respected scientist in the field of phycology that reinforce my POV. The key point I would call out from this article is "One important factor that helps groups to outperform individuals on decision-making tasks is the type of interdependence they have. In general, positively interdependent (cooperative) groups tend to make better decisions than both negatively interdependent (competitive) groups and individuals, particularly in complex tasks (Johnson & Johnson, 2012). These process gains come from a variety of factors. One is that when group members interact, they often generate new ideas and solutions that they would not have arrived at individually (Watson, 1931)." Having said all that, I do enjoy more people at the draft. I enjoy seeing all of you there when I fly in from CO. The fact is that what makes this special for me is the people. The relationships, the snarky conversations, the inability for Randy to stay focused on be able to make a decision that isn't stupid. Kidding aside....I think we should take a deep breath and put our emotion aside and focus on facts and science. Okay I am done...peace out bitches ;)
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 10:51AM on March 31
Well, I think we have a black cloud looming over the league. We are unnecessarily creating animosity. I am arguably the slowest between rounds and I didn't have any issue with Brandon and Mike as a team. The only issue I had was the draft girls going at the speed of light, but not anyone with a team approach. They get the same number of choices that we all get and we are all free to make the exact same choices. We are straying from what the essence of the PFFL is all about. I say bring it on, bring two people, bring ten, bring your super computer and have fucking Adam Shefter sitting next to you, I'm going to do my research and choose my team. If I can't beat you that way, then I'm doing it wrong. Hell folks, we still have to do our own calculating of scoring during the games. This league isn't for fantasy newbies, we have never said it was. If you want a participation trophy, hit up ESPN, but stop coming up with excuses why you can't win. We don't need to thwart the efforts of others for our own success. C'mon now, this is the P F F L! My vote: 1)NO 2)YES 3)NO 4)YES 5)YES 6)NO 7)YES 8)YES
Krystof Kage Posted at 01:57AM on March 25
I am not the proposer of the rule - I see its faults and its strengths. I get what the proposer was saying, but what I also get is at least an image of fairness is needed. If everyone is doing their own research and asking opinions of friends, hey, nothing is going to stop that and any attempt to do so would be silly. I also see how this can be viewed as a personal slight to two teams (obviously counting Brandike and Every) and how some individuals might feel it's a hit job or personal. My vote for the rule is grounded in fairness. We all do our research and only one mind goes into both draft and team management - but dual owners means there is a distinct advantage. Two researchers with double the free time of one researcher. If one owner isn't available to pick up the latest big news player off the wire in a single owner league, oh well, but if you have two owners, availability to make that move is obviously greater. I cannot call my wife to make a waiver move for me but another team can do it faster because they have two people who can pay attention and get right on it? Or draft day - one person can follow finances and the other can do the bidding - two sets of eyes scanning the room and their charts at once and not feeling stress because they have a system and the single owner gets to stress and rely only on what they know as opposed to what either person may know in a dual owner situation. Bottom line, I voted for it because of fairness and not in any way to kick anyone out of anything - and I think all our owners are good enough to manage their own team on their own.
Mike Hall Posted at 11:39AM on March 22
Brandon here! For the record, I retired from the PFFL for multiple reasons, but one of those was in hopes of stepping aside for others to see their glory. Look at the PFFL History, and look at the championships I won. I am not intended to sound high and mighty, but keep in mind the year I retired, Mike finished in second place (2016). The year before that (2015) Mike won the championship. If we look a little harder, we'll see that I won the championship in back to back seasons in 2013 and 2014. I returned to play with Mike in 2018 for two reasons: 1) I missed playing fantasy football with you guys, and 2) did not want to take up another spot in the league that could take away from others chances of competing. With this said, I can tell you one thing. This latest rule proposal is being taken quite personal by me. There is no such thing as loyalty in commerce or friendships anymore, and I think it is outright sad that we find ourselves in this position. I feel like I worked very hard with Krystof, Randy, and other greats to build this league into what I thought it was (great). I have elected to walk way entirely from all of you and I am sad to see our relationship end this way. I enjoyed playing with most of you for the years that we did, and I find it ridiculous that some of you put forth this stupid ass rules that has absolutely no bearing on how to play fantasy football. It is suppose to be fun, and who cares who is helping who, as long as people are not conspiring to hurt other teams. One last point (probably the most valid), how is it any different when Rory is called to action to fight or defend our country, and we need someone to oversee his team for a little while? How is it any different than when someone is unable to draft due to obligations elsewhere (death in the family, important wedding to attend, or some other important life event) and we have someone proxy draft for them? This is the dumbest rule proposal I have ever seen, and I will happily walk away from you assholes if you do not reconsider just how stupid this rule proposal is.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 02:37PM on March 18
I here you Justin, but to the extent that we are all adults here, Avery's team has always been a one owner team. Even this rule wouldn't prevent him from confering with his brother nor giving anyone else his password to use his account and/ or ;post trash talk. While I could probably agree this shouldn't be done, the rule doesn't prohibit that. The other side of that is Brandon and Mike, who openly disclose which one is posting, so there is no confusion. So I am not sure what we are trying to accomplish here. I guess I just haven't heard the argument as to why it is preferred as I see several yes votes, but I don't get it.
Justin Adams Posted at 11:55PM on March 16
On one hand I’m not exactly comfortable with the postulation that one of the proposed rule changes is inherently a personal attack, which inevitably 1) colors every vote thereafter regardless of intent and 2) ignores the fact all four of the parties mentioned are pretty outstanding fantasy football minds of their own accords. On the other hand, we’re all adults here, I’m pretty sure we all love each other on a mostly platonic level, and I need to vote. Thusly: 1. Yes; 2. Yes; 3. Yes; 4. Yes; 5. No; 6. No; 7. Yes; 8. Yes
Matt Sewell Posted at 08:07PM on March 16
Okay here ya go: 1) Yes 2) Yes 3) Yes 4) No 5) Yes 6) Yes 7)No 8)Yes
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 06:01PM on March 3
Defensive scoring has been deplorable for several years and it never gets addressed. I don't know if those are the right rules, but something needs to change. Also, are we giving Avery and Evan, Brandon and Mike the middle finger here? Those teams are not staying without their partners, so this rule is just a big fuck you to them. Hope that is what's realized with the vote.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 01:40PM on February 29
1.) YES 2.) YES 3.) YES 4.) NO 5.) NO 6.) YES 7.) YES 8.) YES
Krystof Kage Posted at 03:45PM on February 20
So since I am Commish and all that, I am just gonna vote first: 1) YES, 2) NO - why you trying to make me do extra work yo? 3) NO - only because it would essentially be for one week, since byes go through Week 12 4) NO 5) NO 6) YES 7) YES 8) YES
Justin Adams Posted at 10:38PM on February 2
Daniel Gray Posted at 07:59PM on January 19
Have a day (half?), Raheem Mostert!
Daniel Gray Posted at 09:11AM on January 12
Im gonna try and ride the Derrick Henry train to a victory. ALL ABOARD. Choo choo.
Justin Adams Posted at 10:47PM on January 5
Three visiting teams win in one-score games on Wild Card weekend, and the fourth visitor only loses in OT. We’re in for some wild-ass playoffs, y’all.
John Schultz Posted at 10:22AM on December 31
Hey Kage, I'm in for the playoff league. Kierston and Doug are both interested as well. K and I can draft any time. I'll check in with Doug if we end up having him in the group.
Avery Jackson Posted at 01:12PM on December 24
Congrats Corwin and the other winners. Thank you to Krystof and everybody for a great season Happy Holidays, Avery and Evan.
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 11:06AM on December 24
I beat the Champion this year. No biggie.
Justin Adams Posted at 11:36PM on December 23
Congrats to the top 4! Great season, all.
Corwin Barnes Posted at 09:33PM on December 23
Thanks Rory! And thank you all! What a great and intense fantasy experience. It is nice to be around likeminded people who love this game as much as I do. Rookie? ROOKIE?!?! I believe the word you are looking for is CHAMPION!!!
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 02:56PM on December 23
Congratulations Corwin! You had one hell of season. It turns out scoring a lot of points during the season isn’t as important as getting the W’s.
Leslie Gray Posted at 09:41PM on December 22
GREAT GAME KIERSTON!!! Congratulations on your very successful first trip to the playoffs! 4th for me on e more time. Cant believe we are at the end of the season already. I look forward to seeing you all here next year!
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:48AM on December 21
Scores will be a little late on Sunday, as I will be in Gainesville for much of the day with family. But they will be done by Sunday night at some point. Just a heads up and good luck to everyone!
Mike Hall Posted at 08:12AM on December 20
Good luck to the 4 teams this weekend. Mike and I propose that we get rid of $1 waivers next year and that Krystof gives us a cost to pay for the website, his draft board, and entry fee for 2020. I think this would prevent the complications of extra $’s owed each year because how much you spent on waivers or didn’t. In addition, it pays for the website hosting fee and covers Krystof’s entry fee for all the work he does as commissioner. Hopefully others like this idea and we can get it passed to make things simpler year in and year out. Good luck again to the 4 playoff teams!
Phillip A. Benson Posted at 09:16AM on December 17
Way to go Corwin!!
Corwin Barnes Posted at 11:16PM on December 16
Thanks Leslie!
Leslie Gray Posted at 05:30PM on December 16
Welp, GG Corwin! My team did not show up this week. Now go win the whole thing!!
Leslie Gray Posted at 03:50PM on December 12
Ack!! Semi finals! Congrats to all who made it!! Corwin aint no way im letting a Rookie into the finals!!! Although the injuries to my WRs crew might make it a little harder.
Mike Hall Posted at 09:00AM on December 10
GG Kierston!! Good Luck the rest of the way!!! Mike
Leslie Gray Posted at 06:42AM on December 10
GG Avery and Evan!
Leslie Gray Posted at 06:42AM on December 10
GG Avery and Evan!
Kierston Schultz Posted at 07:50AM on December 9
Thank you Mike and Brandon. I was nervous when I saw Matt Ryans game.
Mike Hall Posted at 04:28PM on December 8
I don’t need to see the official scoring to know we got a beat down from you Kierston. Good luck the rest of the way. We started the wrong players this week as a lot of points were left on the bench for us. Now go win the whole damn thing so we can now we lost to the champ!
Mike Hall Posted at 11:46PM on December 5
Nice pass with 20 seconds left to get Prescott over 300 Kierston. Garbage time always frustrates me, but can make or break fantasy. Good start, here’s to hoping Ryan can get some garbage 300 yards too this Sunday!