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Talker Trash
Krystof Kage Posted at 02:56PM on October 20
Thanks for the honesty on that one, Scott. Yeah - something must have slipped on my scoring on that one.
Scott Golden Posted at 02:39PM on October 20
Also, and I appreciate the help Krystof, I think you've given Kelce the wrong stat line. He should have 9pts not 23pts. Ty Hill was the one with 23. (Watch me lose by 13 now :-))
Scott Golden Posted at 12:41PM on October 20
I was at a show last night. Looks like I missed a hell of a game.
Michael Hall Posted at 11:25AM on October 20
Hell of a game!!!!!!
Scott Golden Posted at 02:19AM on October 20
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 01:31AM on October 20
Travis fucking Kelce!
Scott Golden Posted at 12:47AM on October 20
Amari Fucking Cooper.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 12:11AM on October 20
Finally Cooper came through for me! Finally!
Krystof Kage Posted at 12:11AM on October 20
That was friggin epic for real...Wow...
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 12:09AM on October 20
That was a hell of a game! I want KC to win but damn what a good game! Both teams deserve a “W” in my book, but what a comeback by the Raiders!
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:55PM on October 19
AHHHHHHHH!!!! The ending of the KC-OAK game was CRAZY AWESOME!!!!
Daniel Gray Posted at 12:21PM on October 18
Wow, seriously? Winston hurt and Stafford on bye? I swear, the fantasy Gods are just loving to screw with me this year. Picked up Fitzpatrick just in case, but good lord.
John Schultz Posted at 05:21AM on October 18
Thanks Krystof! I understand your situation without the explicit instructions included.
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 11:41PM on October 17
Correct, there can't be multiple players on IR, but you can waive your IR player and move someone else to IR OR reactivate an IR player. That's what we voted on at the draft.
Krystof Kage Posted at 08:34PM on October 17
Bottom line, instructions must be explicit in the EWP. And I wasn't at the office so I can't change OBJ to IR until tomorrow. So go ahead and waive OBJ and pick up the guy you want. I'll move him from waivers to IR tomorrow and waive Santos.
Krystof Kage Posted at 08:30PM on October 17
You have to actually request that Santos be waived, man. I can't read your mind. Still only one person on IR but you can switch who goes on IR and take a player off IR when he comes of it in the NFL.
John Schultz Posted at 07:44PM on October 17
It shouldn't matter because all three of the wide receivers I wanted we're not picked up in the ewp.
John Schultz Posted at 07:42PM on October 17
Hey, I thought we voted at the meeting that you could have more than one person on IR. Also, wouldn't it be sensible to think that I would drop my Kicker To replace with my keeper if that were the case?
Daniel Gray Posted at 01:36PM on October 17
Will the real Highland Wolves please stand up?
Michael Hall Posted at 01:00PM on October 17
GG John!!!!
Justin Adams Posted at 09:34AM on October 17
Aaaaaand 4 catches for 17 yards. Blerg. Good game, Scott. *sparkle*
Justin Adams Posted at 11:33AM on October 16
Ack. When your kicker is your biggest scorer, it's pretty hard to win. Crossing my fingers Walker has a career game tonight! *sparkle*
Christian Smith Posted at 05:14PM on October 15
This sucks, lol. Well....50 bucks down the drain
Leslie Gray Posted at 01:24PM on October 15
Oh no Christian!!!!!
Kierston Schultz Posted at 01:05PM on October 15
GG Rory!
Kierston Schultz Posted at 01:05PM on October 15
Ya'll I'm soooo sorry for the gross negligence on my behalf. I clearly have too much going on.
Kierston Schultz Posted at 01:01PM on October 15
Justin Adams Posted at 12:14PM on October 15
Good luck today, Scott--I hope the rest of my team shines like McCaffrey did on Thursday! *sparkle*
Avery Jackson Posted at 10:08PM on October 13
Nice article man, but Idk writing to yourself is creepy... and you should put that on your diagnosis of yourself... ya know... that you're a creeper and all.... creepy Friday the 13th!!! thanks K
Scott Golden Posted at 01:02PM on October 13
That was a sparkling start for McCaffery.
Daniel Gray Posted at 10:40AM on October 13
Puttin this out there: Looking for RB help. Willing to trade a QB or a RB. Shoot me some offers.
Krystof Kage Posted at 10:03AM on October 13
One catch for one yard is a 12pt swing...that is the crazy part!
Matt Sewell Posted at 09:44AM on October 13 pissed...just one more catch!!!
Leslie Gray Posted at 11:49PM on October 12
Kelvin Benjamin with 9 for 99! Ugh .... SO ... close!! I don't have him but man, that sucks!
Leslie Gray Posted at 02:43PM on October 10
GG, Scott.
Michael Hall Posted at 02:18PM on October 10
GG Randy, Alex is having an unbelievable year so far....
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 12:13AM on October 10
GD that Alex Smith. Good game Mike, I played it well, you played it better.
Rory Kamenicky Posted at 04:07PM on October 9
Damn I finally won a game! And it only took 128 points to do so! For awhile I didn’t think I was going to get there. GG Scuba Steve!
Daniel Gray Posted at 03:52PM on October 9
Damn you, Tyreek Hill. For one shining moment, I felt like a genius starting Aaron Jones. GG Kierston. :D
John Schultz Posted at 12:45AM on October 9
GG Avery. I've been quiet this season. Very busy with the team and classes. Fun to watch the parity. Glad I didn't try to trade Garcon this week. I think his upswing will fill in nicely with OBJ. I don't know if many remember, but the year I either kept or got Brady, was the year he went down in the FIRST SERIES of the FIRST GAME of the season. Week 5...meh...
Avery Jackson Posted at 09:25PM on October 8
We know rando, we know... GG john and last week kierston also... I shouldn't of said a word, jinxed the whole thing.... although I did get a consultation prize, ODB's ankle platter special, only 9.99 on sale
Justin Adams Posted at 08:46PM on October 8
Randy Kamenicky Posted at 08:17PM on October 8
I drink cheap bourbon like it's Pepsi.
Christian Smith Posted at 08:10PM on October 8
Mmmmmmm bourbon. Who really won today?? Gg sir
Justin Adams Posted at 07:52PM on October 8
When you get cute about playing defensive matchups, you start the Raiders vs. BAL instead of the Jaguars vs. PIT. When you start the Raiders vs. BAL instead of the Jaguars vs. PIT, Ben Roethlisberger magically decides to throw 5 picks, 2 of which are pick-sixes. When Ben Roethlisberger magically decides to throw 5 picks, 2 of which are pick-sixes, the Raiders get carved to bits by the motherfucking Ravens. When the Raiders get carved to bits by the motherfucking Ravens, you experience a roughly 35-point negative swing in scoring for your defense. And when you experience a roughly 35-point negative swing in scoring for your defense, you drink cheap bourbon like it's Pepsi. Don't drink cheap bourbon like it's Pepsi. Good game, Christian. *sparkle*
Christian Smith Posted at 07:35PM on October 8
Rodgers is ridiculous!! Love it!!
Matt Sewell Posted at 05:13PM on October 8
Yeah...Melvin is finally earning his keeper status. Still some work to do. Here is hoping
Krystof Kage Posted at 05:11PM on October 8
Is this the year, Matt? Will you finally beat me? Looks like a good chance man. Good game brother...
Daniel Gray Posted at 12:05PM on October 7
I seem to curse running backs. I pick em up, they suddenly are inactive / hurt / unable to play. Im having to drudge the bottom just to have two that actually suit up. This season has taken a rather frustrating turn, I tell ya.
Scott Golden Posted at 09:49PM on October 3
Anyone need some RB help? I have 4 starters. Fielding offers for a WR2 upgrade.