The Playoff Predictor

The final game of 2018. This is the big time. This is where all the money is decided. This is where we crown a new champion...

The Dark Lord of Pigskin vs Awesome Alcoholics

The QBs
Philip Rivers (#13) is nomally a reliable fantasy play every week. But this week, John cannot be happy that Rivers has to face the Ravens D. It is an uphill climb for sure, and will liekyl result in some tough points. Hey, he could always start Mitchell Trubisky (#10) against the Niners if he wants...

For Matt, Andrew Luck (#3) is suddenly looking pretty darn good as a starter this week. Facing a pretty sad Giants D, Luck is likely to have a very nice game. His last two weeks, though, have seen more of Marlon Mack running the ball, and if they get ahead for a while, that could be a problem and not translate into massive points.

Advantage: Matt by 12pts

The RBs
Joe Mixon (#7) is questionable this week, but he has certainly been stepping up for John lately, and he would be a big loss if he were not to start. He scored 17 against Cleveland last time they played. And the decision to start Gus Edwards (#29) last week was a good one for sure - but since he starts against the Chargers this week, it may be possible that Sony Michel (#19) is a better option. This would be a gut call.

For Matt, Melvin Gordon (#7), the guy who got him to the #1 seed, is back. He does take on a strict Baltimore D, though, and it could be a struggle to get back into the swing of things with as much time off as he had. Chris Carson (#14) is taking on the Chiefs this week and it should be a fun matchup. He lit up the scoreboard last week and is probably in line to do a decent amount of damage.

Advantage: Matt by 6pts

The WRs
While JuJu Smith-Schuster (#7) had an off week last week, this week he takes on the Saints. They have not been high scoring games lately in New Orleans, but when you think back at how some have gone, you have to be excited about JuJu's potential here. Amari Cooper (#11) also had an off week last week - but this time it is the hapless Bucs that he gets to play. At home. I smell points galore.

Matt has been hurting at the WR position lately, but he got a boost when Josh Gordon said he wasn't playing. Julian Edelman (#16) is probably going to be the star for the Patriots this week, and I expect his numbers to maybe be even better. The pickup and start of Robby Anderson (#29) is pretty shocking - but with his only other choices are Corey Davis (#25) and Dante Pettis (#30), this is all about matchup and gut.

Advantage: John by 14pts

The Rest
Trey Burton (#11) is back in action and playing against the Niners. Nothing crazy good but will help. Kickers don't matter. The Chargers D (#7) will have to find a way to stop Lamar Jackson - and that should be fun.

Travis Kelce (#1) is usually a fantasy beast. But he will have an extra helping of points going against the Seahawks. Kickers still really don't matter. The Titans D (#3) takes on the Redskins. Wow that is a high ranking!

Advantage: Matt by 14pts

Final Verdict
Everything except the WR position says that this is Matt's game. This is Matt's championship. Hey - we still play this out - but his matchups are good and he is still rocking a solid lineup. Still, if JuJu and Amari go off, that is a lot of catching up to do. I'm picking Matt here - but John won't take it lying down.

Avery's Redzone Wolfpack vs Abducted Roosters

The QBs
Kirk Cousins (#14) is starting against the Lions D in Detroit for Avery. I don't want to sound like a homer, but there is a reason that the Lions are sending two DBs to the Pro Bowl. He had his worst performance of the season against them this season. Points won't be easy to come by with Stafford and Patricia trying to play spoiler.

Meanwhile, for Mike/Brandon, Matt Ryan (#7) steps in one final time. He is taking on a Panthers D that he already played against this season (but wasn't started). Carolina isn't the same defense as it once was, though, and while they are decent, Ryan should be putting up decent numbers.

Advantage: Mike/Brandon by 7pts

The RBs
Alvin Kamara (#6) somehow isn't going to the Pro Bowl, and that is all like WTF? The man is a beast and should not be disrespected like that. Still, he will have to do a lot of pass catching against the Steelers D to get his points. He will get them. Who Avery starts at RB2 is a mystery. Conner (#23) might be back. Jamaal Williams (#17) is also questionable. This will be a big decision.

For Mike/Brandon, it will be Phillip Lindsay (#11) trying to put the beatdown on Oakland. He slapped on 15pts against them all the way back in Week 2, so I expect more of the same. Their other RB is recent pickup Marlon Mack (#15), which was a solid choice for the last week of the season considering he is taking on the Giants D. He should continue to put up amazing numbers.

Advantage: Push

The WRs
Avery rolls into this thing with the combo of Lockett and Cooks once again. Brandon Cooks (#17) is playing against the Cards this week in Arizona. He did put up 23pts in their last meeting in Week 2, so it might be similar this week without Kupp there to steal catches. Tyler Lockett (#21) will be facing the Chiefs in a very important matchup. He has been a little slower lately, so we will see if he can shake that all off.

Unless Julio Jones (#1) is actually injured...and Antonio Brown (#6) gets lost on his way to the Superdome...this is going to be very very ugly...

Advantage: Mike/Brandon by 20pts

The Rest
George Kittle (#3) is still a powerhouse and should produce well against the Bears because of the massively fast pass rush causing quick passes. Why do we draft kickers again? And the Vikings D (#4) plays against a Lions team without any more WRs or their best RB, so that should be fun.

Blake Jarwin (UR) is the worst starting TE ever in the Toilet Bowl. Accroding to the rankings, anyway. Kickers are stupid. And the Bears D (#1) is likely going to make the Niners looks like a JV squad.

Advantage: Avery by 7pts

Final Verdict
I think the methodology of having the best WRs is going to be tested by the strategy of having the best RBs in this interesting matchup. The problem for Avery, however, is that his best RB never played a snap and his backup is hurt, so it isn't really a fair test. This looks like a win for Mike/Brandon in my opinion.