2018 Potential Rule Changes

No - there were no specific rule changes submitted by owners. Having said that, I have a few ideas that I know get attention every season. Plus, Randy pointed out that Defenses seem to score a lot more in the negative realm lately. Therefore, take a look at the potential changes below and please vote on the changes prior to August 12. Of course, always willing to discuss modifications to these changes as well and it is fun to do the whole TrashTalk debate.

Rule 1 - Scoring Change

Simplification of Defensive Scoring (1)
This rule would change the scoring that is currently separated into PASSING and RUSHING yards and, instead, use the measurement of TOTAL NET YARDS. Bonuses and penalties will be adjusted to reflect this new measurement, and penalties would be reduced.

Rule 2 - Scoring Change

Running Back Catch Bonus at 7 Receptions
This is a simple one. Change the number of catches required for the 5pt bonus for RBs from 10 to 7.

Rule 3 - Scoring Change

One Point for Every 2 Receptions - Eliminate Catch Bonuses
This would eliminate the "Every 10 (or 7) Catches" bonus altogether and replace it with a point for every 2 receptions instead. Should this rule pass, Rule 2 would not go into effect.

Rule 4 - Clarification

Offensive Players as Defensive Scorers
This is a rule to clarify that if an offensive player scores a TD as a result of a fumble recovery, the following will be applied as it relates to offensive/defensive scoring:

Rule 5 - Scoring Clarification/Change

Defensive Two Point Conversions
When a defense returns a turnover/block for a touchdown on an extra point/two-point conversion attempt, the defense will score 2pts. If the defender is also a skill position player, that player will also get 2pts if he is started.

Rule 6 - Scoring Change

Defenses Cannot Score Negative Points
All rules for defensive scoring stay the same. However, if a DEF is going to score negative points, they will score 0pts instead.