The 2017 Fear Factor

Another draft has come and gone, and just like all previous years, we all walked away happy (well, most of us anyway). We all think we have the team to beat, and while we acknowledge that we have weaknesses, we are proud of our strengths.

But which teams excite you the most?

Hey, it is all about fear around these parts, and the scariest teams are going to succeed. I have scored each position/unit with a Fear Factor score ranging from 1 (the cuest little puppy), to 25 (the devil himself). So who is the scariest team? The one with the highest number out of 100pts.

The East Division

The Roosters

QBs: Sam Bradford, Alex Smith and Brian Hoyer
This is not a scary crew at all. In fact, I think a lot of teams are going to look forward to playing Mike this year if their QBs stay the same. Bradford and Smith are not even in the Top 15 at their position, ranked amongst the bottom tier of all starting QBs. Hey...can't scare them all...
Fear Factor: 4

RBs: LeSean McCoy, LeGarrette Blount, Jamaal Williams and D'Onta Foreman
McCoy (#3) has truly stepped it up lately, and that is why he is going to be on everyone's list to watch out for. Surely he can still carry the rock. The problem, however, comes right afterwards. Blount is still a good back, but he and Sproles are going to be splitting time in Philly, and he ranks out of the Top 28. Williams is still a backup and Foreman is 3rd string. Yeah...
Fear Factor: 12

WRs: Julio Jones, Allen Robinson, Golden Tate and Michael Crabtree
Jones (#2) is a prime candidate to have another amazing season, and he should be on everyone's watch list. He is going to be fairly scary overall for sure. What is really interesting is that the final 3 guys all rank in the Top 20...Yep. Crabtree (#14), Robinson (#16) and Tate (#18) are going to be amazing...bu only one of them will actually play at a time (except in Jones' bye week), so here is some trade bait for sure.
Fear Factor: 21

Support Staff: Tyler Eifert, Austin Hooper, Matt Bryant, Graham Gano, LA Rams and Minnesota
Eifert (#12) has never truly stepped up his game all that much - he just does catch some things but he is not at all elite...but Hooper is a decent backup. Bryant (#2) is one of the best in the game - but it isn't worth a lot of points, and Gano is a struggle. Finally, the Vikings D (#3) is truly a solid defense and should have a good season, while the Rams are middle of the pack.
Fear Factor: 18

Total Fear Points: 55

Awesome Alcholics

QBs: Philip Rivers, Trevor Siemian and Tom Savage
The fact that Rivers (11) fell as far as he did in the draft is very surprising. He has consistently been a force in fantasy and should still supply Matt with some much needed points. While Siemian and Savage are both currently starters, I am not certain I would say the same thing at the end of the season, as things change. He has to hope that they last through Rivers and his bye week for sure.
Fear Factor: 14

RBs: Jay Ajayi, Melvin Gordon, Jamaal Charles and Rex Burkhead
A solid 1-2 punch, Gordon (#6) and Ajayi (#7) are both excellent backs in the mix for the best of the business. Where this gets really interesting is how he will do with both Rivers and Gordon, to be honest. A QB/RB combo from the same team causes issues for some teams. Charles and Burkhead are just backups, so I don't think they provide much value even in bye week replacements.
Fear Factor: 24

WRs: Kelvin Benjamin, Demaryius Thomas, Keenan Allen and Mike Wallace
This should be fun, if nothing else. Thomas (#15) is still in Denver and still catching passes for sure, as long as Siemian is throwing well anyway. I wonder what he would do with Lynch in there. And Kelvin (#21) is definitely a good target for Cam and his new-found pocket passing. Allen adds yet another Charger, while Wallace is deep down the list. Still, not a very scary bunch.
Fear Factor: 11

Support Staff: Martellus Bennett, Antonio Gates, Brandon McManus, Randy Bullock, Buffalo and New Orleans
Bennett (#13) still has the great Rodgers throwing to him, so he will get plenty of looks in Green Bay, while Gates has surely lost a step but stays in the Top 20. McManus (#15) is good in Denver but not elsewhere, and Bullock is fin as a bye week player. The Bills and Saints don't really scare anyone.
Fear Factor: 6

Total Fear Points: 55

LG's Warbling Lions

QBs: Tom Brady, Andrew Luck and Jimmy Garoppolo
Brady (#2) doesn't age. He is still the best QB in the NFL, no matter what Rodgers wants to think. He may be a cheater to some, but he is ridiculously good. Pair him up with Andrew Luck, and that's some solid stuff right there for sure. Garoppolo is the best backup in the business, and I would not be shocked to see him get traded mid-season...
Fear Factor: 25

RBs: Jordan Howard, Ty Montgomery, Thomas Rawls and Jeremy Langford
Howard (#5) came on very strong last season, and it is obvous to many that he will be expected to do even more this season. Montgomery (#18) is a suitable RB2 in the mold of most - middle of the 2nd tier. Rawls is really a backup to Lacy but could be used a little...and I don't know where Langford fits in all this...since he is on the Ravens practice squad now...
Fear Factor: 16

WRs: Dez Bryant, Eric Decker, Emmanuel Sanders and Adam Thielen
Dez (#8) is a really solid starting WR1, so Leslie should be happy with this choice. Her WR2, Sanders (#22) is at the bottom of the second tier, but still should be sitting pretty once the season gets under way if the Broncos let Siemian or Lynch air it out at all. Decker and Thielen are probably going to be waiver fodder at some point, although Decker has much more upside than his ranking suggests.
Fear Factor: 12

Support Staff: Jordan Reed, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Justin Tucker, Chris Boswell, Tampa Bay and Washington
Reed (#4) is a guy that almost everyone wanted really bad. He has such great hands and should put up really good n umbers. Sefarian-Jenkins is way down the list mostly because of susoension. Tucker (#3) is one of the best for sure and is always good for some bombs, while Boswell (#11) might even be trade bait to a Steelers fan...oh wait...we don't have those. Finally, the Bucs (#12) are pretty blah on defense, and the Skins are also blah, but they should be OK.
Fear Factor: 11

Total Fear Points: 64

Avery's Redzone Wolfpack

QBs: Marcus Mariota, Patrick Mahomes, Teddy Bridgewater
All that pre-season hype about Mariota (#9) had better come to fruition for Avery, as he is in a world of trouble at the QB spot if it doesn't. Mariota has the arm and the legs, but does he have the ability to live up to the hype? We will see. Behind him is Bridgewater, who starts the season on the PUP, and Mahomes...who sits on the bench.
Fear Factor: 15

RBs: Marshawn Lynch, Eddie Lacy, Darren Sproles and Dion Lewis
Lynch (#16) is the big star on this team at RB...but that isn't saying a lot. Eddie Lacy ranks outside the second tier but still has a starter job in Seattle and looks pretty decent. Sproles is still going to split time in Philly, but at least he catches the ball a lot. Lewis is part of a cadre of Patriot RBs that nobody knows who is going to start, I think...
Fear Factor: 8

WRs: Antonio Brown, Jordy Nelson, Ted Ginn and Malcolm Mitchell
Damn...we found the power here for sure. Brown (#1) and Nelson (#4) are going to be one of the sickest tandems in the PFFL for sure. I don't see that train stopping any time soon at all, and surely they should rack it up for Avery. Ginn and Mitchell probably won't ever see a start, as I am sure Avery will find other WRs worth a shot on those bye week.
Fear Factor: 25

Support Staff: Cameron Brate, Jared Cook, Adam Vinatieri, Chandler Catanzaro, Atlanta and Pittsburgh
Brate and Cook are outside the Top 14 in thier position, so they truly are not a real threat this season for anyone. Vinatieri (#7) is still alive and kicking, but Chandler kicks with the Jets so bleh. Pittsburgh (#14) is at the bottom of the first tier, so not horrible but not great, and the Falcons are definitely not the same team.
Fear Factor: 4

Total Fear Points: 52

Krystof's SpamKings

QBs: Drew Brees, DeShone Kizer and Mitch Trubisky
Brees (#3) is about as good as they come, and he scores almost as much as Brady and a little more than Russell Wilson. He isn't Rodgers, but he was a lot cheaper. However, Kizer is a very horrible backup, so this could go south really quick if Brees gets injured. Trubisky is waiting his turn...and probably won't get a start this season...but the leash might be short on Glennon.
Fear Factor: 23

RBs: Devonta Freeman, Bilal Powell, Carlos Hyde and Giovanni Bernard
Freeman (#4) is still one of the best, and I have a feeling that Coleman won't be taking quite as many carries away from him this season. The RB2 battle is fierce, though, with Hyde (#20) and Powell (#22) in the mix, and they will likely be placed based on matchup. Bernard is just your average backup with nothing to get excited about.
Fear Factor: 17

WRs: Tyreek Hill, Stefon Diggs, Randall Cobb and Willie Snead
Weakness, here we are. Hill (#23) had better hope for a lot of passes to come his way to live up to the hype. He is expected to be very good but that's not a good ranking. Diggs (#28) sits on the cusp of the bottom tier as well, but one thing to note is that Hill and Diggs are in their 3rd year. Cobb still has some juice left, and Snead is suspended so we will see how that shakes out.
Fear Factor: 6

Support Staff: Zach Ertz, Jack Doyle, Dustin Hopkins, Kai Forbath, Green Bay and Detroit
Ertz (#7) is going to be pretty solid with Wentz getting comfy throwing to him all the time. He isn't top tier, but he is pretty good by comparison, and Jack Doyle should be a sneaky play every now and then now that Allen is gone from Indy. Hoplins (#6) should do well when the offense fails to convert in DC and Forbath is an OK backup. The combo of GB/DET defenses aren't going to scare anyone at all.
Fear Factor: 12

Total Fear Points: 57

The Central Division

Randy's Pimp Daddys

QBs: Matt Ryan, Eli Manning and Matt Schaub
Ryan (#5) went to the Super Bowl last season. He is still an elite QB in this league and his numbers should stay quite strong overall for sure. Eli is a very capable backup and should never be a starter except during bye week. I should have listened to that last season. Schaub is just a handcuff.
Fear Factor: 21

RBs: Dalvin Cook, Paul Perkins, Mike Gillislee and Danny Woodhead
Dalvin (#14) is probably going to be one of the top 3 rookie RBs this season, and on a team that likes to run when it can, he should see plenty of chances to succeed. He doesn't have much behind him after all. The rest of the RB crew, however, is just about middle of the pack, and outside the top 2 tiers, so I do expect that to be a matchup game. Maybe one will break out? Hmmm...
Fear Factor: 8

WRs: Mike Evans, Michael Thomas, Jordan Matthews and Tyler Lockett
Evans (#5) is going to be working hard in TB, and he won't be double covered quite as much since he has a much better group around him this season. Thomas (#7) is a very excellent WR2...and would be a very excellent WR1 on a lot of teams for sure. I don't expect Matthews or Lockett is going to be needed much at all.
Fear Factor: 23

Support Staff: Jesse James, OJ Howard, Will Lutz, Nick Folk, Baltimore and Dallas
Don't even look at either of these TEs to produce a dang thing. In fact, the only on in the 2nd tier is Howard...and he is at the bottom. Lutz (#10) is going to do just fine, but won't blow anyone away, and Folk is merely going to be his bye week replacement. Baltimore is out of the top tier - and Dallas just isn't all that good.
Fear Factor: 2

Total Fear Points: 54

The Dark Lord of Pigskin

QBs: Carson Palmer, Carson Wentz and Blake Bortles
What do you do with two starting QBs outside the Top 14? Play the matchup game and hope you get lucky every time. That's not a fun way to play at your QB position since you have a 50-50 shot of making the wrong choice. And Bortles? I would be surprised if he was on the field all season long. Not a great crew at all.
Fear Factor: 4

RBs: Isaiah Crowell, Derrick Henry, Jacquizz Rodgers and Duke Johnson
Crowell (#10) is the best RB of the Cleveland brand, and as long as they are ahead in games, I am sure the Browns will do their best to give him the rock. But that is where the good stuff ends for John, as the rest of his RBs don't even qualify for an RB2 slot. None of them are really the starter, and one is just a handcuff. This is not good news.
Fear Factor: 5

WRs: Odell Beckham Jr, Brandin Cooks, Jamison Crowder and Pierre Garcon
Obviously John's strongest position, Beckham (#3) is an elite WR who now has enough help around him that he should see a lot more open looks. Cooks (#11) is with a new team this season, and I expect Brady to do just as well as Brees in getting him the ball with Edelman out. Crowder and Garcon are just there for the bye week fun.
Fear Factor: 21

Support Staff: Jimmy Graham, Coby Fleener, Blair Walsh, Cairo Santos, Denver and Seattle
Graham (#5) and Fleener (#10) are a couple of beasts, and I expect one of them to be traded at some point this season. They produce too much individually to be on the same team. Walsh (#8) and Santos (#13) are a great tandem and should see some decent numbers. Denver (#5) and Seattle (#10) are also a great tandem, although one of them should be traded. Problem is though...tough to get much value from support positions and seeking skill positions...
Fear Factor: 21

Total Fear Points: 51

Crusading Christians

QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Josh McCown and Christian Hackenberg
Rodgers (#1) is the best you can have. By a long shot. No reason to sugar coat that. The onyl reason this doesn't get a 25, though, is because if he goes down, I am frightened for Christian and his season is totally over. McCown and Hackenberg with no WRs to speak of, really...that is not going to be fun.
Fear Factor: 24

RBs: LeVeon Bell, Terrance West, Robert Kelley and Darren McFadden
Bell (#2) is in his final year of being kept, and the league rejoices, as he is a beast on the field and should put up even better numbers than last year. After that, though, the pickings are very slim. West and Kelley are out of the RB2 conversation and should really be RB3s, so there is a matchup game going on, and McFadden is really only good for the time that Zeke is suspended...if that even stays a thing.
Fear Factor: 8

WRs: Davante Adams, TY Hilton, Zay Jones and Corey Davis
Hilton (#10) is pure magic sometimes, and once Luck gets back on the field throwing to him he should put up some good numbers. Adams (#20) is a great WR2 and better than most teams have in their pockets right now. However, Zay and Corey are outside the top 50, so I don't expect to see them much at all. In fact, some would argue that Christain had much better choices at half a dollar.
Fear Factor: 10

Support Staff: Kyle Rudolph, George Kittle, Mason Crosby, Zane Gonzalez, Philadelphia and Tennessee
Rudolph (#6) will carry the position all season for sure. No need to play Kittle until you really need to. Crosby (#5) will always be a fantasy genius at kicker...which surely isn't saying much but hey...anything to keep Zane off the field. Philly (#6) is still a great defense - although their division is nasty and tough on offense. Tennessee should be played quite often though - even though they are ranked really low.
Fear Factor: 18

Total Fear Points: 60

Scubasteverino Squad

QBs: Dak Precott, Derek Carr and Jay Cutler
Prescott (#8) has a lot to prove now that he is no longer looking over his shoulder at Romo with a clipboard. He should be good - but can he really be a Top 10 guy? Carr (#12) is a fantastic backup and could be started every now and then. Cutler is still Cutler - but he should be easy trade bait (or there in case Carr is traded).
Fear Factor: 18

RBs: Lamar Miller, Demarco Murray, Jonathon Stewart and Matt Forte
Murray (#9) and Miller (#13) are a couple of RB1 guys who should truly have good seasons. They are a bit long in the tooth at the RB spot, but the same could be said for many other really great RBs in the top tier. They will carry this team on their back for sure. Stewart and Forte, though, are fighting to stay relevant, as they are just backups on their teams and change-of-pace.
Fear Factor: 19

WRs: DeSean Jackson, John Brown, Kevin White and Corey Coleman
Oh god. Really...this is a nasty WR crew for sure. He had better trade someone soon - it isn't pretty. He should have jumped on that Daniel thing. Not a single guy in the WR2 tier. I don't have any comments to isn't pretty.
Fear Factor: 1

Support Staff: Rob Gronkowwski, David Njoku, Matt Prater, Jason Myers, Miami and Cleveland
Gronk (#1) is the best in the business - no doubt - and should put up amazing numbers that rival some WR1 guys. He just does it. Njoku will get one start. Prater and Myers are middle-of-the-pack producers, so don't expect much from them at all this season. And Cleveland and Miami just don't have the defense...surely there is something better?
Fear Factor: 10

Total Fear Points: 48

The West Division
The Golden MooSlumber

QBs: Kirk Cousins, Andy Dalton and Deshaun Watson
A truly solid combination of Cousins (#10) and Dalton (#13) has left Scott with a good group of QBs for sure. They aren't amazing at all, but they should be working fairly well together to have a good season combined. Watson might even break into the starting lineup at some point, but there is obviously no rush.
Fear Factor: 16

RBs: Ezekiel Elliott, Doug Martin, Frank Gore and Ameer Abdullah
Elliott (#11) is really a lot better than his rank, and I am sure his rank is banking on a six game suspension, so even the prognosticators think he is going to do awesome even with missed time. Abdullah (#23) and Gore (#24) are both in the RB2 tier, although more near the bottom for sure. Martin doesn't have the confidence of most people making predictions...he is out of RB2 territory...but we will see.
Fear Factor: 14

WRs: DeAndre Hopkins, Sammy Watkins, Donte Moncrief and Davante Parker
Hopkins (#12) was a keeper last year, but he really didn't do anything at all. I am not sure if that changes this year with Savage/Watson, but I guess we will see. The rest of the WR corps is led by Watkins, but obviously, with a new team, there is not a ton of upside with Goff throwing to him. Neither him, nor Moncrief or Parker, land in the WR2 category.
Fear Factor: 8

Support Staff: Travis Kelce, Eric Ebron, Stephen Gostkowski, Ryan Succop, Houston and Cincinnati
Kelce (#3) is sure to shine again this season and, maybe, even improve a little along the way. Ebron (#11) is a very solid backup who might be used a little. Gostkowski (#1) is always the best K every year it seems - Succop is a bench rider for sure. Houston (#4) is a very capable group (although I think Arizona is better at scoring) and should do amazing stuff, while Cincy will be used when they play Cleveland for sure.
Fear Factor: 21

Total Fear Points: 59

Mother of Dragons

QBs: Ben Roethlisberger, Tyrod Taylor and Landry Jones
Big Ben and Tyrod sit outside the Top 14 at the QB position, although Ben is not far out of it. The fact that these two QBs are out there means that there is not much to be scared of here in terms of major QB points at all. In fact, one would have to look at this team and think that they should be easy at QB to beat.
Fear Factor: 5

RBs: Leonard Fournette, Joe Mixon, Jeremy Hill and CJ Prosise
Fournette (#12) might just be a rookie, but he really has some high projections for sure. I think people are starting to catch on that rookie RBs do have some talent, and Fournette is going to be carrying the ball a lot. Mixon (#17) is also a two rookie starters, eh? Hill and Prosise are just backups, really, so I don't see anything coming from them.
Fear Factor: 15

WRs: Alshon Jeffery, Martavis Bryant, Tyrell Williams and Danny Amendola
Jeffery (#19) is the only WR on this squad that could be considered a real threat. Now with his new team and a better QB, I do expect his numbers to jump a bit. Bryant isn't far out of WR2 territory, but he is still the connection to Big Ben, so there is that. Williams will be OK, I guess, in a bye, but Amendola has a lot of competition for catches.
Fear Factor: 6

Support Staff: Charles Clay, Hunter Henry, Steven Hauschka, Sebastian Janikowski, New England and Kansas City
Henry (#9) just has to show he is better than Antonio Gates once and for all. At least at the age they are both now. Clay is a good bye week guy. SeaBass (#9) still loves the distance kicks, and is still a consistent kicker, while Hauschka is a bye weeker. KC (#2) is one of the best defenses in the land, so that will be a big help to this roster for sure, while the Pats (#11) are a great matchup team.
Fear Factor: 16

Total Fear Points: 40

Cunning Stunts

QBs: Cam Newton, Mike Glennon and Jared Goff
Newton (#7) is starting to become more of a pocket passer now that he has legit weapons all over the place. I think the added running game is going to do wonders for his stats. But it better, because neither Goof nor Glennon stand much of a chance of putting up a lot of good things...
Fear Factor: 16

RBs: Kareem Hunt, Adrian Peterson, Theo Riddick and Charles Sims
Hunt (#15) is the last of the premier group of rookies, really. Yes, Mixon could have a good year, but Hunt is pretty much plaing it solo out there with little help. The rest of the RB crew? All backups or 3rd-down guys. Seriously, this team is in a lot of trouble at the RB spot if it wants to compete, and they had better get to trading soon.
Fear Factor: 3

WRs: Amari Cooper, AJ Green, Kenny Britt and John Ross
Green (#6) and Cooper (#9) are one of the best tandems in the PFFL for sure. They both bring a lot to their game and are sure to have a pretty decent season each. This is where the club strength is, folks. After that, Britt and Ross don't stand much of a chance, so there is not really much injury coverage in case something happens. I love the top end, but the bottom is hurting.
Fear Factor: 24

Support Staff: Greg Olsen, CJ Fiedorowicz, Aldrick Rosas, Nick Novak, Carolina and LA Chargers
Olsen (#2) was on everyone's list now that Gronk was off the board, so that is no surprise, given that he will outscore the third best TE by a good margin. CJ is just filler. As for kickers...what? Dude...Rosas is so far down the list for sure, and Novak is unemployed. Get that waiver going. And finally, the Chaergers (#7) and Panthers (#8) are both very good, so let's play the matchup game!
Fear Factor: 15

Total Fear Points: 58

The Robot Unicorns

QBs: Russell Wilson, Joe Flacco and Austin Davis
Wilson (#4) has certainly stepped it up in recent years, and getting such a high ranking must mean that he is pretty well situated for greatness. Flacco is a good QB2 who won't be used often at all, to be honest. And I guess Austin Davis plays for Seattle? Huh...who knew...
Fear Factor: 21

RBs: Todd Gurley, Christian McCaffrey, Samaje Perine and Tevin Coleman
Gurley (#8) is a guy with a lot of upside, and I am sure he is happy to be doing it with more confidence from his coaching staff for once. McCaffery (#19) won't put up Cook/Fournette numbers, but he is going to be sharing the load with Jonathon Stewart, who loves injury, so he should be good. Even Tevin Coleman is a solid bye week guy, but the jury is out on RB3 Perine.
Fear Factor: 16

WRs: Doug Baldwin, Terrelle Pryor, Brandon Marshall and Jeremy Maclin
Baldwin (#13) is a very solid target. Just on the cusp of being WR1, he is still a great connection for Wilson and should be pretty active. Pryor (#17) is now expected to do a lot of things for the Skins, and his ranking reflects that - can he step up as a star? Marshall and Maclin are both really good that is a depth strength here!
Fear Factor: 14

Support Staff: Delanie Walker, Julius Thomas, Dan Bailey, Younghoe Koo, Jacksonville and Oakland
Walker (#8) is still a pretty good TE in this league, and with Marcus throwing to him more consistently since they have more WR weapons to focus on, it should be a good season for him. Thomas is a TE2 - but barely. Bailey (#4) is to be commended for his consistency, and there is a lot of talk about Koo (#14). The Jags (#13) play best on defense for sure, while Oakland is a really great backup.
Fear Factor: 11

Total Fear Points: 62

The Highland Wolves

QBs: Jameis Winston, Matthew Stafford and Scott Tolzien
Winston (#6) has quickly risen up the ranks in fantasy, and is a solid QB1 from now on, especially with all of his weapons. Stafford (#14) as his backup is excellent security as he should be ranked higher. Tolzien is just there as a bandaid (and in case Luck never comes back).
Fear Factor: 20

RBs: David Johnson, CJ Anderson, Mark Ingram and Latavius Murray
Well, Johnson (#1) was right there and you have to be happy for a new team getting such a huge advantage to start with. Seriously, pretty much makes the team as a whole. Ingram (#21) and Anderson (#26) are both excellent RBs in their own right, and should provide great strides as RB2s. Murray might get time if Dalvin's injuries come back to haunt him.
Fear Factor: 24

WRs: Larry Fitzgerald, Jarvis Landry, Chris Hogan and Mohammed Sanu
Here is where we find the weakness. LFitz (#24) isn't a spry young chicken any more, and that is why he is usually a WR2 for most teams. Landry ranks more in WR3 territory as well, even though he should be ranked higher. Hogan and Sanu are really bench players. Nothing to be scared of here at all.
Fear Factor: 4

Support Staff: Jason Witten, Evan Engram, Caleb Sturgis, Phil Dawson, Arizona and NY Giants
Witten (#14) keeps the age of this team up there but still has skills, while Engram is waiting his turn and not even listed as the #1 TE in NY. That will change obviously. Sturgis (#12) will do fine overall in Philly as long as it isn't winter - and that will be where Dawson comes in. The Cards (#1) are the best there is for sure, and the Giants (#9) will probably be trade bait at some point.
Fear Factor: 13

Total Fear Points: 61

Total Fear Point Ranking

Hey, look. This isn't what the final standings are likely to look like - just how scary your team actually looks this season in any given week. Some are going to be very lucky and not have to face many studs, while others are going to be saddled with facing all the best players every week.

Remember though - last year's Fear Factor showed the best team to be Justin (who finished last), the champion in the middle of the pack and the last 4 teams actually made the playoffs, so...

  1. Leslie: 64
  2. Daniel: 61
  3. Christian: 60
  4. Justin: 60
  5. Scott: 59
  6. Rory: 58
  7. Krystof: 57
  8. Matt: 55
  9. Mike: 55
  10. Randy: 54
  11. Avery: 52
  12. John: 51
  13. Steve: 48
  14. Kierston: 40

Projected PPG

Well I used an app to draft, and this thing kinda showed what you should expect on average based on your best starting lineup. It has not been adjusted for recent trades and waivers, but this is what that app said is going to happen from a PPG level on average. Notice the subtle changes:

  1. Christian: 115
  2. Scott: 113
  3. Daniel: 111
  4. Matt: 110
  5. Leslie: 109
  6. Krystof: 107
  7. John: 104
  8. Justin: 104
  9. Mike: 103
  10. Rory: 103
  11. Steve: 102
  12. Randy: 101
  13. Avery: 100
  14. Kierston: 99

Combined Ranks

Taking both sources and mashing them up - if you were to take your current team through the whole season and not trade or waive anyone, here is the final ranking of teams. Obviously that won't happen...

  1. Christian
  2. Daniel
  3. Leslie
  4. Scott
  5. Justin
  6. Krystof
  7. Matt
  8. Rory
  9. Mike
  10. John
  11. Randy
  12. Steve
  13. Avery
  14. Kierston