The 2018 Fear Factor

Another draft has come and gone, and just like all previous years, we all walked away happy (well, most of us anyway). We all think we have the team to beat, and while we acknowledge that we have weaknesses, we are proud of our strengths.

But which teams excite you the most?

Hey, it is all about fear around these parts, and the scariest teams are going to succeed. I have scored each position/unit with a Fear Factor score ranging from 1 (the cutest little puppy), to 25 (the devil himself). So who is the scariest team? The one with the highest number out of 100pts.

The East Division

The Robot Unicorns

QBs: Nick Foles, Carson Wentz and Marcus Mariota
You won't find a lot to fear in this crew, but it could surprise. After all, having the Super Bowl winning QB isn't all that bad considering he won't play much (but will in Week 1) and having the actual Philly starter, Wentz (#15) isn't too horrible. Mariota (#18) is quite avergae, to be honest.
Fear Factor: 11

RBs: Todd Gurley, Derrick Henry, Isaiah Crowell and Matt Breida
Gurley is the best RB on the board this year so that #1 ranking has to feel really good. This is, however, the last year he can be kept, so that has to be scary considering I don't see another keeper on this team besides Ertz. Henry (#18) is a decent RB2 so no worries there. Crowell (#28) is there for insurance and Breida is outside the RB2 area.
Fear Factor: 23

WRs: Stefon Diggs, Marvin Jones, Alshon Jeffery and Marquise Goodwin
Diggs (#16) and Jones (#21) are good choices at WR to have, although both are sitting in the WR2 category, so they don't inspire much fear overall. They are good - but not scary good. What is interesting, however, is that Alshon (#25) and Goodwin both rank in the top 30 at the WR slot, so his worst WRs are WR2/WR3. So very good job on backups.
Fear Factor: 12

Support Staff: Zach Ertz, Jared Cook, Jake Elliott, Daniel Carson, Carolina and Kansas City
Ertz (#3) is a very solid TE and deserves a lot of praise - he could have been kept this season, to be honest. He will get most of the TDs for Philly, and that combo is nice to have. Even Cook (#16) is a great TE2. Elliott (#7) is a nice, middle-of-the-pack K1 and Carlson (#19) won't be used much. Carolina (#12) is not going to scare many people at all, and the Chiefs (#17) are likely to be involved in a matchup game.
Fear Factor: 14

Total Fear Points: 60

Krystof's SpamKings

QBs: Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill and Teddy Bridgewater
Brees (#5) was a safe pick as a keeper this season considering he was in the top 5 of his position - although arguments could have been made for Ertz. Still, he is reliable and will onl score about 40pts less than Aaron Rodgers. Tannehill (#20) is likely going to be used once, and Teddy is only there for injury.
Fear Factor: 21

RBs: Saquon Barkley, Rex Burkhead, Devontae Booker and Ronald Jones II
Barkley (#8) is a very high-ranked rookie, and he is sure to get a lot of carries and catches this season. Every RB ahead of him, except for Bell, was kept, so this makes sense. Burkhead (#23) is a firm RB2 and not likely to do much better or worse than that. Booker and Jones are likely only bye-week replacements and likely waiver wire fodder, although they both rank in the top 40 at RB.
Fear Factor: 16

WRs: T.Y. Hilton, Devin Funchess, Robby Anderson and Kenny Stills
Grabbing Hilton (#10) was a good choice for Krystof with the limited money he had to spend at WR. Still, the other choices don't scare anyone. Funchess (#28) is barely on the cusp of WR2 action, although he will split time with Robby Anderson since they are closely aligned. Stills is still ranked in the top 40. All WRs are the #1 WRs for their teamm though - an interesting feat.
Fear Factor: 14

Support Staff: Evan Engram, Hayden Hurst, Chris Boswell, Steven Hauschka, Detroit and Tennessee
So not having Ertz means a slight drop in TE numbers, but Engram (#4) is RIGHT BEHIND him on the list. Hurst (#26) is a flyer and may not be worth anything. Boswell (#3) is a premium kicker, sure to make waves. Hauschka (#23) is bye week material now that he fixed the bye week problem. Lions (#13) and Titans (#15) are likely to be matchup defenses.
Fear Factor: 15

Total Fear Points: 66

Crusading Christians

QBs: Aaron Rodgers, Andy Dalton and Sam Darnold
Rodgers (#1) is the man. If he stays healthy, he is going to bring a lot of points to Christian's roster for this year and two more. Dalton (#24) is going to be a fine backup, while Darnold is likely to ride pine or be trade bait this season to someone who suffers an injury at QB or has a bye week problem.
Fear Factor: 25

RBs: Royce Freeman, Dion Lewis, Marshawn Lynch and Duke Johnson Jr.
Well, this is a mediocre bunch if I ever saw one. Christian must have gone budget-shopping here, although he did find two starters at least, along with two 3rd-down backs. Freeman (#21) is an RB2 at best, while Lewis (#24) and Lynch (#25) are going to probably split time. Duke is gonna ride a lot of pine but sits in the top 40 at RB.
Fear Factor: 7

WRs: Davante Adams, Jarvis Landry, Robert Woods and Pierre Garcon
Four pretty decent WRs round out this squad, but only Davante (#8) really inspires a lot of confidence and fear. Although Jarvis (#22) should be a good target to expand the Browns game and is a good WR2. Woods and Carcon both sit in the top 40 at WR but won't be used a lot.
Fear Factor: 16

Support Staff: Jack Doyle, David Njoku, Justin Tucker, Brett Maher, Jacksonville and New York Jets
Doyle (#8) is a pretty decent TE1 and should get plenty of looks, even with Ebron trying to steal catches in Indy. Njoku (#12) is probably pretty decent trade bait since he really is a low TE1 riding pine. Tucker (#4) is a fantastic kicker, and he needs to have him since he went with Maher as his K2, who is not ranked in the K2 category. Finally, the Jags D (#1) is going to be fierce for sure and a major component of his scoring. The Jets are the 2nd-worst defense.
Fear Factor: 19

Total Fear Points: 67

The Dark Lord of Pigskin

QBs: Matthew Stafford, Philip Rivers and Mitchell Trubisky
Stafford (#8) is as reliabel as they come since his early-career injuries, and puts up a lot of yards in the process. Still, having Rivers (#9) allows him to play matchups when necessary. Not a bad 1-2 combo but possibly trade bait. Trubisky (#26) is bench fodder.
Fear Factor: 19

RBs: Joe Mixon, Carlos Hyde, Giovanni Bernard and Sony Michel
Mixon (#14) hasn't put the fear into anyone's heart in years, although he isn't the worst starting RB in the PFFL at all. Hyde is an RB3 playing in an RB2 role, which isn't going to be great for John. Bernard and Michel rank outside the top 40, so that is gonna hurt as well.
Fear Factor: 9

WRs: Odell Beckham Jr., Amari Cooper, Juju Smith-Schuster and Sterling Shepard
OBJ (#4) is quite a stellar WR1 for sure, and is likely going to get his touches even if Eli is throwing to him. Could you imagine him on a better team, though? Cooper (#13) is good enough to be a WR1, so that is a very nice tandem. Juju (#20) could be anyone's WR2, while Shepard is waiver/bench fodder outside the top 40.
Fear Factor: 23

Support Staff: Trey Burton, Antonio Gates, Adam Vinatieri, Chandler Catanzaro, Los Angeles Chargers and Tampa Bay
Burton (#11) isn't an amazing TE1, but he isn't the worst, either. Gates was unranked at the time of the draft but he is an amazing backup so that works. Vinatieri (#13) is pretty average as far as kickers go, and there was a reason Catanzaro (#22) was given away, I am sure. The Chargers D (#6) has some spunk for real, but the Bucs (#24) are pretty horrible.
Fear Factor: 11

Total Fear Points: 62

Abducted Roosters

QBs: Jimmy Garoppolo, Matt Ryan and Matt Schaub
Jimmy G (#13) is not going to be overly impressive, but he does have a lot going for him this season to make an impact. The fun of this is that Ryan (#14) allows him to play the matchup game overall. Still, two QBs that barely reach QB1 status is hard to justify carrying. Schaub is just a backup.
Fear Factor: 14

RBs: Tevin Coleman, Marlon Mack, Javorious Allen and Frank Gore
Oh boy this unit is not so good. Coleman (#26) is, probably, the worst RB1 in the PFFL and splits carries and catches with Freeman in ATL. Mack isn't even rated in the RB2 category, but he is expected to play there. Allen and Gore are ranked outside the top 40. This is a pretty scary group - in a bad way.
Update: Gore was waived for Aaron Jones - who is only off for two games - but Jones is ranked #58 at RB...
Fear Factor: 0

WRs: Antonio Brown, Julio Jones, Demaryius Thomas and Dez Bryant
OK, so this is an easy one. Brown and Jones are 1-2 in ranks at WR. Nobody disputes that. They are the best two, and because Julio cannot be kept next year, Brown will be kept for sure. Thomas (#14) would be amazing in a flex league, but really is good trade bait for this season. Dez needs to find a team before he earns any thought process.
Fear Factor: 25

Support Staff: Delanie Walker, Austin Seferian-Jenkins, Dustin Hopkins, Jason Myers, Chicago and Dallas
Walker (#5) is a solid TE1 for sure, and fractions of points behind Evan Engram on the list. He will do well, and with Sefarian-Jenkins (#24) sitting there, should be good. Hopkins and Myers are outside the K2 category altogether. Chicago (#16) and Cowboys (#22) aren't going to scare anyone along the way.
Fear Factor: 7

Total Fear Points: 46

The Central Division

Avery's Redzone Wolfpack

QBs: Kirk Cousins, Derek Carr and Josh Allen
Cousins (#12) is on a new team, but they have a much better receiving corps than the Skins did, so he should do much better this season. Carr (#23) is a good backup to have on the roster as well. Josh Allen is not projected to start for a while so I expect a waiver move here, I am sure.
Fear Factor: 14

RBs: LeVeon Bell, Alvin Kamara, Jordan Wilkins and Jerrick McKinnon
Yep - this is where this team is strong as can be. The amount of money paid to Bell (#2) was crazy, but then again, keep that guy for four more years? OK. That does mean that Kamara (#5) is available next season, but hey, a little fun before then, right? After that? Forget it. There is nobody left to use in a bye week, really, so that deducts a point in fear. But only one.
Update: McKinnon was waived for James Conner, who gets to start until Bell gets back.
Fear Factor: 24

WRs: Larry Fitzgerald, Golden Tate, Michael Crabtree and Cole Beasley
L-Fitz (#15) as your WR1 isn't too bad, although that is just outside of a range of a WR1. Still, Tate (#18) is a very good WR2 so that kinda makes up for some things. Crabtree (#23) might be too good to be riding the pine and could be traded fairly easily. Cole Beasley isn't even the best Cole in the WR class.
Fear Factor: 12

Support Staff: George Kittle, Ben Watson, Matt Prater, Ryan Succop, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati
Kittle (#13) is going to be an average TE1 overall - nothing too flashy and nothing too basic. Watson (#23) is still around the NFL and I cannot believe that. Prater (#10) can hit the long ball for sure, and that will help. Succop (#14) is a good backup and a K1 himself. Pittsburgh (#9) is an OK defense but not all that scary, while the Bengals (#26) are quite meh.
Fear Factor: 10

Total Fear Points: 60

Cunning Stunts

QBs: Ben Roethlisberger, Josh Rosen and Mason Rudolph
OK, so Big Ben (#7) has some weapons at his disposal for sure. And hey, you can't teach that. He still has plenty of ability despite his age. Josh is the backup for Rory? Oh gosh. And only Mason Rudoplh to keep the entire QB position from collapsing as a result of one motorcycle accident.
Fear Factor: 16

RBs: Kareem Hunt, Rashaad Penny, Adrian Peterson and Samaje Perine
Hunt (#9) really started the year with an amazing pace. He lost some of that step as the season wore on, but they are sure to be more careful with hm this season. The rest of the RB crew really put Rory in trouble. Penny has not surpassed Carson on the depth chart, AP is not as good as he once was and Samaje is RB3 on the Skins. Yikes.
Fear Factor: 10

WRs: DeAndre Hopkins, Tyreek Hill, Allen Hurns and Marqise Lee
A solid receiving corps is really the heart of this team. Hopkins (#3) is stellar and should be amazing this season with a healthy Watson throwing to him. Hill (#17) was a surprise last season for a little while and can be great again. Hurns is outside the top 40 and Lee is on IR so there isn't much in the way of backups.
Fear Factor: 20

Support Staff: Jimmy Graham, Ricky Seals-Jones, Greg Zuerlein, Kaimi Fairbairn, Houston and New Orleans
Graham (#7) is on a Packers team that is known to bury TEs in a lot of blocking schemes but he should be able to shine a little. Ricky (#20) is a good backup for sure. Zuerlein (#2) is almost as impressive as Gostkowski and Faiebairn (#19) is an OK K2. Houston (#7) has a solid defesne in store with plenty of points, and the Saints (#14) are a great backup.
Fear Factor: 18

Total Fear Points: 64

LG's Warbling Lions

QBs: Tom Brady, Jameis Winston and Brian Hoyer
Brady (#2) might be getting older, but so are many other great QBs like Rodgers, Wilson and Brees. He still has all the arm an owner could want, and only misses out on the #1 spot by about 3pts in a season. Winston (#26) will be fine in the one week he starts, while Hoyer is the Brady backup so nothing to see there.
Fear Factor: 24

RBs: Devonta Freeman, Jamaal Williams, Doug Martin and Alfred Morris
Freeman (#12) has the skills to be successful, and everyone knows that, but he is also in a committee situation with Coleman, so that keeps his numbers down and some TDs are stolen. Jamaal Williams is the next RB on the list, but he is outside of the RB2 range, and we don't know enough about the San Fran situation to know if Morris is actually going to be anything other than on a committee with Breida. Martin is meh.
Fear Factor: 10

WRs: Mike Evans, Nelson Agholor, Will Fuller and John Brown
Evans (#9) is certainly going to get plenty of attention, and with a solid WR corps in Tampa now, he should be able to keep away from double-teams. Having said that, all of the rest of Leslie's WRs outside of the WR2 rankings, so they provide little fear and are going to be more of the matchup kinds of folks.
Fear Factor: 13

Support Staff: Greg Olsen, Cameron Brate, Will Lutz, Jason Sanders, Denver and Green Bay
Olsen (#6) is starting to falter a bit in the rankings but still is the primary focus of the Carolina passing game. Brate (#18) is a very solid TE2. Lutz (#8) is a solid kicker with plenty of leg and accuracy. Sanders, however, is ranked as the 2nd-worst choice this season at kicker. The Broncos D (#8) should provide some goo points this season, and the Pack D (#19) is going to be fine as a bye week replacement.
Fear Factor: 16

Total Fear Points: 63

Randy's Pimp Daddys

QBs: Deshaun Watson, Blake Bortles and Joe Flacco
Hard to imagine how someone who has played so little gets this, but Watson (#3) is ranked above a lot of big names. If he stays heatlthy, this is going to be great for Randy. Bortles (#21) is a fantastic bye-weeker and Flacco (#28) is a good stash in case of broken glass.
Fear Factor: 23

RBs: Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, James White and Latavius Murray
The jury is still kind of out on Dalvin (#10), but you cannot deny his explosiveness at the beginning of last season. He was a good choice as a keeper. Howard (#16) is a pretty good RB2 as well and should do fairly well. White is certainly a RB3 and catches plenty of passes, while Murray is just Dalvin's backup.
Fear Factor: 18

WRs: Brandin Cooks, Keelan Cole, Josh Doctson and Danny Amendola
Here we find the weakness in the Pimp Daddy's lineup. Cooks (#27) is his best guy...and that is not a good thing to have a low WR2 as your star. The rest of these guys? Not even good enough to be a WR3, to be honest. This is not a scary squad at all.
Fear Factor: 0

Support Staff: Vance McDonald, O.J. Howard, Sebastian Janikowski, Phil Dawson, Minnesota and Atlanta
McDonald (#14) is the best TE on this roster according to rankings, and that is mostly because Howard (#22) is splitting time still with Brate in TB. SeaBass (#18) is not what he used to be, honestly, and Dawson (#20) will probably split time with him. The Vikings D (#5) is vastly improved nowadays for sure, while the Falcons (#21) are fine in a bye-week pinch.
Fear Factor: 8

Total Fear Points: 49

The West Division
Owlbear Don't Care

QBs: Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes and Brett Hundley
Wilson (#4) is still a beast for sure, no matter what kind of WR group he has. He has legs. He will be pretty good no matter what. Mahomes (#17) is a fantasy darling who probably won't take over for Wilson but is certainly tempting trade bait after the bye weeks. Hundley is employed as insurance.
Fear Factor: 22

RBs: David Johnson, Kanyan Drake, Peyton Barber and C.J. Anderson
After the sad injury at the beginning of last season, Johnson (#3) is likely to turn everything around this year. Still very much a stud. Drake (#20) is a solid RB2 - even though news is that he will share the backfield with Gore. Barber and Anderson are outside the realm of starter quality for now.
Fear Factor: 22

WRs: Doug Baldwin, Corey Davis, Randall Cobb and Kenny Golladay
Baldwin (#12) matches up very nicely with Wilson, so that TD connection is going to be an important asset for Daniel. But things fall off after that. Davis is really a high WR3 instead of a WR2, Cobb is probably not startable and Golladay is bench fodder. The lack of depth beyond Baldwin is tough.
Fear Factor: 11

Support Staff: Jordan Reed, Tyler Higbee, Robbie Gould, Mason Crosby, New England and Seattle
Reed (#10) is still quite a good TE1 and should put up decent numbers, although Higbee doesn't fit in the TE2 spot. Gould (#11) should be fine kicking the ball and has enough leg and Crosby (#12) is not far behind. The Pats D (#11) is going to be OK - especially because of the AFC East - while the Seahawks (#18) are far from what they once were.
Fear Factor: 10

Total Fear Points: 65

Mother of Dragons

QBs: Cam Newton, Eli Manning and Sam Bradford
Newton (#10) has a lot less weapons than he used to, but he is still an elite QB in this league. And he still has Olsen and Funchess. Manning is just outside the QB2 spot on the rankings, while Bradford has to look over his shoulder at Rosen every second.
Fear Factor: 15

RBs: Leonard Fournette, Christian McCaffrey, Bilal Powell and TJ Yeldon
Fournette (#7) is back once again for Kierston, and he will have himself a very nice season given how many times the Jags D will give the ball back to the offense. McCaffrey (#11) is an amazing RB2 who is going to play with RB1 numbers. Powell and Yeldon will just be watching from the sidelines, really.
Fear Factor: 21

WRs: Michael Thomas, Allen Robinson, Chris Hogan and Jamison Crowder
Thomas (#5) is Brees' favorite target and is sure to light up the scoreboard. He will get plenty of chances to be amazing. Robinson (#19) only has Mitch throwing to him, but is that any worse than Bortles? Hogan (#26) is an amazing guy to be storing on your bench, to be honest, and is easy trade bait, while Crowder is a really a WR3.
Fear Factor: 20

Support Staff: Tyler Eifert, Mike Gesicki, Caleb Strugis, Randy Bullock, Philadelphia and Buffalo
Here we finally see a weakness. Eifert (#19) is not a TE1 and will struggle to get points, and Gesicki is at the bottom of TE2. Sturgis (#17) is finding it hard to kick in a soccer stadium while Bullock just finds it hard to kick. The Eagles D (#2) actually brings this team some life while the Bills (#23) is what it is - even when they do circle the wagons.
Fear Factor: 7

Total Fear Points: 63

Scubasteverino Squad

QBs: Jared Goff, Tyrod Taylor and Baker Mayfield
Goff (#16) can throw up some passes - sure - but he doesn't have the elite pedigree to be a starting QB in the PFFL. But I guess he has to start someone, right? Meanwhile, Steve has been watching too much Hard Knocks. Tyrod and Baker are both out of the QB2 realm, so I would probably say that he better hope Goff stays healthy.
Fear Factor: 8

RBs: Alex Collins, Lamar Miller, Kerryon Johnson and Tarik Cohen
Collins (#17) is not what you want out of an RB1 at all, but he should be OK. Not great but OK, since Allen is still in Baltimore. At least Miller (#22) is playing in the right spot as an RB2. Kerryon is an RB3 who is a decent guy to take a flyer on, and Cohen is also a RB3 who catches things, so not a bad backup crew, really.
Fear Factor: 9

WRs: A.J. Green, Cooper Kupp, Jordy Nelson and Mohamed Sanu
Green (#7) is still an elite WR in this league, and certainly the best one on the hapless Bengals, who just cannot seem to do much. Kupp provides a connection but is not the star of the Rams offense, Nelson is really a WR3 now that he has moved over to Oakland and Sanu might be taken over by Ridley at some point. Bad stuff after WR1.
Fear Factor: 15

Support Staff: Rob Gronkowski, Charles Clay, Stephen Gostkowski, Josh Lambo, Los Angeles Rams and Cleveland
Yes, Gronk (#1) is the stud who deserves most of this unit's fear points, that is for sure. He is likely to score as much as AJ Green, honestly. Clay (#15) is a great TE2. Gostkowski (#1) is the best there we go...two of the best at their position...and Lambo (#15) is a very nice K2. The Rams D (#4) is stellar with the return game being a highlight, but the Browns D is third to last.
Fear Factor: 25

Total Fear Points: 57

Awesome Alcoholics

QBs: Andrew Luck, Case Keenum and Ryan Fitzpatrick
He has been out of work forever, but Luck (#6) is still projected to have a very nice season overall. Let's see how he looks! Keenum (#22) is far away from his previous team and he will have some rust to shake off. Fitzpatrick will probably never play for Matt this season.
Fear Factor: 19

RBs: Melvin Gordon, Jay Ajayi, Mark Ingram and Chris Carson
Gordon (#6) is still quite a beast and is sure to be solid this season. He has Ekeler to look out for, but he is entrenched in most peoples' opinions. Ajayi (#19) is good to go for the season opener and is a solid RB2. Ingram and Carson are both legit RB3 guys, and I expect there to be some trading happening there.
Fear Factor: 19

WRs: Josh Gordon, Emmanuel Sanders, Sammy Watkins and Julian Edelman
Here the roster suffers. Gordon (#24) is still getting back into things, and with Landry on the other side, isn't the star any more. Sander and Watkins are both really high WR3 guys but aren't really WR2 material. Edelman has some time off and may step up when he gets back, but that is a while in a PFFL season when he misses 4 games and his bye in Week 11.
Fear Factor: 2

Support Staff: Travis Kelce, Eric Ebron, Harrison Butker, Brandon McManus, Arizona and Washington
Kelce (#2) is certainly a big piece of the prize here and will get all the points he is expected to with Mahomes throwing to him. Ebron (#17) is a fine TE2 even with Jack Doyle around. Butker (#6) is going to have plenty of kicks to get them points while McManus isn't really even a K2 any more. The Cards D (#10) are decent in a pinch and a D1 at least, while the Skins (#20) should be fine backing them up.
Fear Factor: 13

Total Fear Points: 53

German Onslaught

QBs: Alex Smith, Dak Prescott and Lamar Jackson
Smith (#11) is not going to be too scary for most owners, but you have to admit that, in this offense, he should be given time to shine. Dak (#19) just doesn't have anyone to throw the ball to, and before you say "Allen Hurns and Cole Beasley", I think I have made my point. Jackson is just sitting there waiting to be started one day but won't.
Fear Factor: 14

RBs: Ezekiel Elliott, LeSean McCoy, Chris Thompson and Nick Chubb
Zeke (#4) should be getting a lot of carries in Dallas now that they are relying on a suspect TE slot overall. Odd to have both an RB and QB from the same team though, as that is bound to piss you off every week. McCoy (#15) is a great RB2 to have hiding out. Thompson will serve as a nice RB3 and Chubb is just a stash waiting for the inevitable Hyde injury.
Fear Factor: 22

WRs: Keenan Allen, Adam Thielen, Kelvin Benjamin and DeSean Jackson
Allen (#6) is in a prime spot in his career and figures to be a big taret for Rivers (even with Gates coming back). Thielen (#11) is an awesome WR1 to have as your WR2 for sure. Having said that, Benjamin and Jackson are gonna ride a lot of pine this season, as both are outside the top 40.
Fear Factor: 20

Support Staff: Kyle Rudolph, Austin Hooper, Matt Bryant, Graham Gano, Baltimore and New York Giants
Rudolph (#9) is a pretty decent TE1 overall - not too flashy but not bad. Hooper (#20) should be fine as a backup. Bryant (#5) has plenty of leg in him if his offense sputters - which he hopes to happen. Gano (#9) is definitely trade bait tbh...cuz why have two top-10 kickers? Baltimore D (#3) still has it and they know it, but the Guants are just a roster filler.
Fear Factor: 14

Total Fear Points: 70

Total Fear Point Ranking

Hey, look. This isn't what the final standings are likely to look like - just how scary your team actually looks this season in any given week. Some are going to be very lucky and not have to face many studs, while others are going to be saddled with facing all the best players every week.

Remember though - last year's Fear Factor showed the best team to be Leslie (who finished ninth), the champion was in 4th place...but 4 out of the top 7 from last year did make the playoffs so...

  1. Jeremy: 70
  2. Christian: 67
  3. Krystof: 66
  4. Daniel: 65
  5. Rory: 64
  6. Leslie: 63
  7. Kierston: 63
  8. John: 62
  9. Justin: 60
  10. Avery: 60
  11. Steve: 57
  12. Matt: 53
  13. Randy: 49
  14. Mike and Brandon: 46

Projected PPG

This thing kinda showed what you should expect on average based on your best starting lineup. It has not been adjusted for recent trades and waivers, but this is what the projected stats say is going to happen from a PPG level on average.

How accurate is this method? Scott was ranked #2 in points on this chart last year and dominated in points in 2017 by a couple hundred. Christian was at the top but ended the season in the middle (Rodgers, anyone?). And Kierston was last on this list and also ended up last in the PFFL in points. So fairly accurate.

Notice the subtle changes:

  1. Avery: 116
  2. Jeremy: 115
  3. Justin: 114
  4. Daniel: 111
  5. Kierston: 111
  6. Rory: 109
  7. Steve: 109
  8. Matt: 109
  9. Krystof: 108
  10. Mike and Brandon: 108
  11. Christian: 106
  12. Leslie: 105
  13. John: 104
  14. Randy: 101

Combined Ranks

Taking both sources and mashing them up - if you were to take your current team through the whole season and not trade or waive anyone, here is the final ranking of teams. Obviously that won't happen...

  1. Jeremy
  2. Daniel
  3. Rory
  4. Avery
  5. Krystof
  6. Kierston
  7. Justin
  8. Christian
  9. Leslie
  10. Steve
  11. Matt
  12. John
  13. Mike and Brandon
  14. Randy