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What you see below is a scoring breakdown for the game you selected. Each player who started on each team in this game has a score listing next to him. The score next to the team name is the team's final score (if game is finished).

Cunning Stunts 110
QB Rosen, Josh --
RB Hunt, Kareem 4
RB Peterson, Adrian 21
WR Hill, Tyreek 42
WR Hopkins, DeAndre 11
TE Uzomah, CJ --
K Fairbairn, Kaimi --
D Texans, Houston --
Running Tally 110
German Onslaught 127
QB Smith, Alex 25
RB Elliott, Ezekiel 14
RB McCoy, LeSean 2
WR Allen, Keenan 25
WR Ridley, Calvin --
TE Rudolph, Kyle 7
K Bryant, Matt 10
D Ravens, Baltimore 26
Running Tally 127