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What you see below is a scoring breakdown for the game you selected. Each player who started on each team in this game has a score listing next to him. The score next to the team name is the team's final score (if game is finished).

Krystof's SpamKings
QB Brees, Drew --
RB Barkley, Saquon --
RB Burkhead, Rex --
WR Funchess, Devin --
WR Hilton, T.Y. --
TE Engram, Evan --
K Boswell, Chris --
D Titans, Tennessee --
Running Tally
Randy's Pimp Daddys
QB Watson, Deshaun --
RB Cook, Dalvin --
RB Howard, Jordan --
WR Cooks, Brandin --
WR Lockett, Tyler --
TE Howard, OJ --
K Janikowski, Sebastian --
D Vikings, Minnesota --
Running Tally