Game Details

What you see below is a scoring breakdown for the game you selected. Each player who started on each team in this game has a score listing next to him. The score next to the team name is the team's final score (if game is finished).

Scubasteverino Squad
QB Goff, Jared --
RB Collins, Alex --
RB Miller, Lamar --
WR Green, AJ --
WR Kupp, Cooper --
TE Gronkowski, Rob --
K Gostkowski, Stephen --
D Rams, Los Angeles --
Running Tally
Mother of Dragons
QB Newton, Cam --
RB McCaffrey, Christian --
RB Yeldon, TJ --
WR Crowder, Jamison --
WR Thomas, Michael --
TE Eifert, Tyler --
K Sturgis, Caleb --
D Eagles, Philadelphia --
Running Tally