Game Details

What you see below is a scoring breakdown for the game you selected. Each player who started on each team in this game has a score listing next to him. The score next to the team name is the team's final score (if game is finished).

Avery's Redzone Wolfpack 122
QB Cousins, Kirk 10
RB Connor, James 29
RB Kamara, Alvin 31
WR Cobb, Randall 4
WR Williams, Tyrell 9
TE Kittle, George 23
K Prater, Matt 12
D Steelers, Pittsburgh 4
LG's Warbling Lions 85
QB Brady, Tom 20
RB Gore, Frank 5
RB Howard, Jordan 16
WR Brown, John 2
WR Evans, Mike 2
TE Olsen, Greg 16
K Lutz, Will 16
D Broncos, Denver 8