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  1. The transaction system is closed and you cannot access the page you are trying to access.
  2. You have entered a bad password - please click the BACK button and try again.
  3. You are out of funds in your waiver account and cannot make the requested waiver.
  4. You bookmarked a page that cannot be bookmarked - please change this bookmark to go to the home page.
  5. You have attempted to get around the site the easy way by changing variables in the URL, and you typed in a bad variable in doing so - please use the navigation provided.
  6. You have attempted to get past the security features in the transaction system - this is what we normally call "cheating".
  7. While you had your previous screen online, the transaction system became inactive, and you are not allowed to make any adjustments now - again, a form of "cheating" if it was intentional.
  8. There is something wrong with the database - please contact the Commissioner via email.

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