Wild Card Weekend Brings Wild Results

It's just one of those things.

The #2 and #3 seeds in the playoffs were taken down this week, throwing away great season performances and giving a couple of teams new life as they live on to play two more games.

Krystof was able to hold on and beat John, thanks to a great Miami D. Christian completely decimated Avery and Justin was able to get by Mike. Justin was the only team favored to win this week. So that sets up the following semi-finals:

  • #7 Krystof's SpamKings vs #1 The Golden MooSlumber
  • #6 Christian's Crusaders vs #4 The Robot Unicorns

To John, Avery and Mike - thanks for a great season, folks. Sorry it couldn't last longer for you!

Running Backs
Wide Receivers

Leslie trades Jimmy Garoppolo and Alfred Morris to Scott for Andy Dalton and Ameer Abdullah

Leslie trades Ty Montgomery and Dez Bryant to Daniel for CJ Anderson and Larry Fitzgerald

John trades Bilal Powell and Tyreek Hill to Krystof for Jacquizz Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr.

Krystof trades Bilal Powell and Tyreek Hill to John for Jacquizz Rodgers and Odell Beckham Jr.

Daniel trades DeShaun Watson, Stephen Gostkowski and the Houston D to Scott for Matt Stafford, Phil Dawson and the Arizona D

Kierston Penalty: $1

Eastern Division Win Loss For Vs
Krystof's SpamKings 8 6 1314 1269
The Roosters 7 7 1352 1249
Avery's Redzone Wolfpack 7 7 1339 1317
LG's Warbling Lions 6 7 1191 1237
Awesome Alcoholics 4 9 1081 1276
Central Division Win Loss For Vs
The Dark Lord of Pigskin 9 5 1353 1201
Crusading Christians 8 6 1261 1216
Randy's Pimp Daddys 5 8 1139 1234
Scubasteverino Squad 4 9 1127 1257
West Division Win Loss For Vs
The Golden MooSlumber 11 2 1516 1147
The Robot Unicorns 9 5 1491 1274
Cunning Stunts 6 7 1211 1287
The Highland Wolves 5 8 1106 1372
Mother of Dragons 5 8 1041 1186

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