Week 6 is Done

Only one owner - John - remains undefeated as we move our way to the midpoint of the season. That is very good for him for sure - but Leslie, Randy and Justin are feeling a lot less happy with their 1-5 records. Remember that 7 wins is the general stopping point for Playoff Land. John is almost there already!

There was a sprint for a RB from Indy this week - and the flacor of the week was Marlon Mack, with most teams trying to grab him. And then there was also Frank Gore. Goodwin/Godwin was also a fun one. Suffice to say that it was a very focused EWP.

We are coming up on Week 7, which is our mid-season week. So how have I done so far in the Fear Factor?

Jeremy and Daniel were my #1 and #2, but both are sitting at 3-3 in the toughest division in the league. John was at #12 of all things, and Matt was at #11. Out of my Top 7, though, only Justin (who is ranked #7) has a losing record. So pretty much as meh as you can get.

Running Backs
Wide Receivers

Steve sends Kerryon Johnson to Rory for Jalen Richard

Daniel trades Russell Wilson, Kenyan Drake, Doug Baldwin and the Pats D to Justin for Marcus Mariota, Todd Gurley, Marvin Jones and the Chiefs D

Krystof trades K Mason Crosby to Daniel for K Stephen Hauschka

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