Registraton Complete!

We are all signed up and ready for a season! You may have noticed...

The Golden MooSlumber Sleeps

Since 2005, Scott has been with the PFFL, and for many of those years, has entertained us over video chat with his pool adventures. He has stepped down graciously as that distance has finally caught up to him.

The Golden MooSlumber is a franchise that never changed their name in their 13 season with us. A former PFFL Champion, he reached the playoffs 4 times and earned a payout every time he did.

Sleep well, friend. It has been a blast!

Welcome to the German Onslaught

Replacing Scott is Jeremy Golibersuch, and he brings his rookie-ness into our league after being a part of the PFFL2 for a few years. Yep - he is playing in both leagues. Let's show him how it is done, shall we?

Rule Changes

About half the league has voted. Make sure you vote on the TrashTalk page before August 19!

Potential Rule Changes

Running Backs
Wide Receivers

Kierston Penalty: $1

Most Recent Waivers

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