Week 11 Almost Done

Only one game has gone final in this very critical week. There is still so much left to happen, so I am sure everyone is going to be on pins and needles heading into tonight's game. Let's go ahead and tease, shall we?

  • Steve only needs 11pts from Goff and the Rams combined to get a win over Justin. I think it is safe to say this it is going to happen barring a miracle, launching Steve to a 6-5 record.
  • As good as he used to be, Cooks is not going to rescue Randy this week to the tune of 71pts. Mirandon gets the victory to jump to 6-5 himself, while Randy falls to 4-7.
  • Kelce and Butker are great players, but even if they had their best game ever each, it wouldn't be enough for Matt to make up the 68pts he needs to beat Krystof. Krystof heads to a 6-5 record while Matt watches his back at 9-2 barring a miracle.
  • Evanry holds on to a 25pts lead over Daniel, but with Mahomes, Gurley and Reynolds left to go, Daniel will surely pull this one out barring a miracle. That would mean Daniel to 7-4 and Evanry to 6-5.
  • Christian is going to defeat Jeremy this week - a lead and Woods to go helps that. But Jeremy also started a bye-weeker, so expect a penalty on next season's draft. Both teams move to 4-7 on the season.
  • Kierston might have a 28pt lead over Rory, but Rory has Hunt, Hill and Zuerlein left to play. That is going to make it likely too tough for Kierston to hold on. Rory is likely headed to 7-4 while Kierston drops to 5-6.

   Drew Brees -- 47
   Cam Newton -- 38
   Aaron Rodgers -- 33
   Andrew Luck -- 32
   Ben Roethlisberger -- 32
   Kirk Cousins -- 21
Running Backs
   Saquon Barkley -- 39
   Ezekiel Elliott -- 33
   Mark Ingram -- 27
   Aaron Jones -- 24
   Leonard Fournette -- 20
   David Johnson -- 19
Wide Receivers
   T.Y. Hilton -- 36
   Mike Evans -- 32
   Stefon Diggs -- 29
   Davante Adams -- 26
   Julio Jones -- 25
   Antonio Brown -- 24

Leslie trades Nick Mullens to Daniel for Marcus Mariota

Steve sends Kerryon Johnson to Rory for Jalen Richard

Daniel trades Russell Wilson, Kenyan Drake, Doug Baldwin and the Pats D to Justin for Marcus Mariota, Todd Gurley, Marvin Jones and the Chiefs D

Krystof trades K Mason Crosby to Daniel for K Stephen Hauschka

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